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"The Walnut Room: A Culinary Landmark in Chicago"

The Walnut Room restaurant Affordable, quality food. Excellent service and restaurant decoration. The chicken pot pie and the chocolate mint cheesecake is a must

The Walnut Room restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.3
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  • The Walnut Room restaurant phone number: +13127813139

The Walnut Room

What an amazing experience! My first time eating in the Walnut Room, but not my last. We were there yesterday for lunch, and our server, Fawn, was delightful. The chicken chili soup was incredible, and the garlic bread was just about the best I’ve had in my entire life. I of course wanted to have the chicken pot pie, since it was the first dish ever served there (more than 110 years ago) and it was excellent! My daughter had the mandarin salad, and was very pleased. Lattes and cappuccinos to drink – both delicious. Great atmosphere, reasonable prices, excellent service – five stars from beginning to end

Menu The Walnut Room restaurant

The Walnut Room restaurant menuThe Walnut Room restaurant menu


Dining at the Walnut Room is like taking a wonderful, nostalgic, trip back to the 1940’s. Classy and elegant! Go before it’s gone forever.
This is my first year having dinner in the Walnut Room and it will definitely turn into a tradition going forward. The tree is beautiful and the atmosphere is so festive. The service is great! All of the employees seem to enjoy what they do and interact with the customers. The menu isn’t very long but the food my family had was all good. The best was probably the chicken pot pie. Get the $3 souvenir cup if you can! It’s sturdy and says Marshall Fields which is an awesome nod to the history of the building and Chicago.

It’s always a good feeling to go to Macy’s! There is none other like it and like so many others I hope they never go out of business. If you go here you have to be sure to visit the Walnut room on the 7th floor. During the spring the flower show is here and a mass of Christmas decorations during Christmas time. You don’t even have to go in the store to be wowed! You can simply walk around the entire block and see all the beautifully decorated windows. Macys always have something interesting going on

The Walnut Room on the 7th floor of Macy’s ( old Marshall Fields ) was a top highlight of our Chicago trip. It is an absolute do not miss experience. They are currently having a Christmas in July brunch. Enjoy the magnificent surroundings while a fairy entertains each table and grants wishes. It is an extravagant treat that does not cost a fortune. Food outstandingly good especially the brownie fudge sundae a la mode.

Also currently exhibiting life size sculptures around marble fountain by local Chicago art students. Service, ambience and food all top notch! Oh and Curtis, our waiter made the whole experience so magical. He also makes a mean Bloody Mary. Would be here all the time if I lived in Chicago!!!

The staff was friendly. The server was very nice, she made sure everything was ok without being intrusive and even made a wonderful suggestion to me.  communication went very well. The atmosphere was just lovely. It took me back to a time when it was classy to eat at a restaurant. I had the chicken pot pie which had plenty of ingredients in it but it tasted just ok to me. However, the Franco Mint chocolate cheesecake was awesome! I will be back and order something else

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