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SipSak Restaurant New York 2024 Delicious Turkish food

SipSak Restaurant New York

SipSak Restaurant New York is Turkish venture combines simplicity and refinement. Their primary emphasis is on delivering high-quality cuisine, striving to offer the most delectable and recently prepared dishes. At SipSak, you can enjoy a meal while immersing yourself in the aromas and vibrancy that evoke the Mediterranean. They firmly believe that their unique approach sets them apart, and they are dedicated to delighting you with their enthusiastic service.

SipSak Restaurant New York

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.2
  • pricing: $$
  • SipSak Restaurant New York phone number: +12125831900

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I have never eaten such perfect cutlets in Turkey. I haven’t been able to find a place that makes octopus properly for a long time. I also loved his liver. I didn’t even think of taking pictures while eating here. The appetizers and rice pudding were also great. The prices are also interestingly cheap.

SipSak Restaurant New York menu SipSak menu Restaurant New York SipSak menu New York menu SipSak Restaurant New York webp

This Mediterranean restaurant is the best restaurant I have been to in a while. The ingredients are all top notch and the chefs are obviously amazing. Don’t leave unless you have the lamb chops and sis kebab. The meat quality is top notch and everything was cooked to perfection. The service is top class and the owner took his time to visit our table and ask for our opinion on everything. I will happily be back and be back soon.

Definitely recommending for whatever we tasted. Calamari was cooked really softly , branzino( levrek) was fillet and grilled and was so fresh, salads, meatballs and meze’s were also so delicious. Exactly will come back! Thank you for all your service, we felt like as we are in Turkey. Recommended dishes: Adana Kebab, Rice Pudding, Grilled Mediterranean Sea Bass, Grilled Whole Mediterranean Sea Bass, Grilled Octopus with Onions, Muhammara, Baklava

My colleagues and I came in for dinner today at 5 pm, after a friend of mine (who definitely knows a thing or two about good Turkish food) had recommended Sipsak.

It was still a bit early for dinner but that only meant that we got the full attention of the staff and we were able to have a great conversation without it being too loud in the restaurant. The food was great – amazing, even. Everyone left full and happy.

The appetizers we shared were enough to fill us up but we all of course wanted to try some main entrees. We had good Turkish coffee and tea to finish, but I definitely want to come back to try the desserts one day. All in all, a great dinner. Thank you!

First of all, i wanted to say i enjoyed my food. The dessert was amazing! However I didnt understand the staff when they were giving the food. I m sitting in my table, they pit the food on the other side for me after to lift it and put it on my side?twice? Aint a mistake.

Then I have to wait untill they finished they convo to ask for my dessert and bill? I liked the way the manager treated me, but the other lady no, i asked for a table of one she looked at me like idk…….if the manager didnt came quiet i would have left.

I usually give tips but today no sorry!. Other than that it is clean, nice ambuance! finally You can barely even tell SipSak is where it is – it has a teal metal awning as a design with a Juliette balcony…and it is so cute it smells delicious right when you walk in – a family owned establishment, food is authentic and delicious – great date night spot – recommend for small parties – neighborhood gem. Seriously good Turkish Mediterranean Cuisine.


SipSak Restaurant New York

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