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Turkuaz Restaurant

Turkuaz Restaurant in New York gets its name from the turquoise-colored seas of Turkey and the Mediterranean, and it offers both a gastronomic and an ethnic experience in New York. They began in the Upper West Side twenty years ago and relocated to Midtown West in 2019.

Their cuisine is nutritious and savory, and they provide a variety of Turkish and Eastern Mediterranean specialties. Their service is courteous and professional, and the setting is romantic and enticing. Their position is perfect for theatergoers as well as visitors.

You will have a nice time at Turkuaz whether you are on your own and seeking for a quick snack or you want to spend time with your sweetie or pals. If you were one of their prior sponsors, please visit their new website. We welcome you to sample the dish if you have never done so before.

They will be delighted to assist you and will always make you feel welcome. Enjoy yourself.

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.4
  • pricing: $$
  • Turkuaz Restaurant in New York phone number: +12122655500

I very rarely give 5 stars. This restaurant definitely deserves it. Great food – could be a bit spicier though (I tried 12+ dishes here and they all could have been a bit spicier).

You never know what goes on behind the scenes (in the kitchen), but I believe everything is prepared right before serving and with genuine ingredients. It definitely works for tea – it’s imported from Turkey (recently the country changed its name to Turkiye, so it’s imported from Turkiye 🙂 ).

Great service – attentive as it should be done: they notice you but don’t impose. Gratuity is not included and not mandatory – as in most places. They even say on the card that they don’t expect it – it’s a big plus, which makes more people willing to tip even more (at least it works for me 🙂 ).

Access to the restaurant by public transport is great – 2-3 minutes from the metro station.

Turkuaz Restaurant in New York 2024 Turkuaz Restaurant in New York 2024 Turkuaz menu Turkuaz Restaurant in New York 2024

My brother and I had just arrived at our hotel and decided to wander around the area to try something different. Coming across this nice place, we started off with the falafel, which was crispy and delicious.

My brother had the Claypot Kebab and I had the Turkish Dumplings. Both were hot(temp) and delicious. No room for dessert, but would have tried something if we had any more room. If we lived in the city, we would definitely return soon. Highly recommend giving this a try!

Very very good restaurant, very well located. The food is very good and plentiful. The staff are really very nice and friendly, it’s a pleasure to see such kind people. I highly recommend ! Very warm place

November 2022- this place has beautiful decor, a full downstairs area as well as ground level and outdoor areas for dining– good for groups. The food and service were wonderful. July 2022-They were understaffed a few days ago, when we went (someone didn’t show) so service was slow, and they seemed to be having plumbing issues, but the server was gracious, and the food was beautiful, and truly delicious!

I really like that food was priced to include a living wage for the servers and no tip necessary…but we left one anyway because he was working hard and we really did have a nice evening.

Food is really really good, kunafa is one of the best that I have ever eaten. Definitely pricey but I don’t know who to blame for that  and since experience was great, I guess I can’t really complain or can I?

 Rice pudding is something I would comment on because taste was good but like custard not true to typical rice pudding.



Turkuaz menu


Integrity is everything and these guys have proved just that today. Last night I left my purse there and didn’t notice it was missing until it got returned to my hotel by the lovely staff of Turkuaz Restaurant (hotel card was in there).

Not a single thing missing in it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart May Allah reward you As for the food: it was excellent Turkish food.

From the fresh bread basket to the tender lamb kabab, we enjoyed every bite. Hats off to the chef.

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