Three Happiness Restaurant Chicago 2024 Delicious Chinese food

The Flavor of Joy: Three Happiness Restaurant Revealed

Three Happiness Restaurant If you’re going to Chinatown for the first time and you want to eat somewhere then I recommend this place! Great service from the staff who are very friendly. The food is delicious. I ordered the Orange chicken and the jumbo fried rice, and just the environment makes you feel welcome

Three Happiness Restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.0
  • pricing: $$$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Three Happiness Restaurant phone number: +13128421964

Three Happiness Restaurant

Really tasty and the servers were very sweet. Customers and reviewers are so rude to them and I don’t understand why. We had a great experience and the portions were huge – for a great price too! This is one of my new fave spots in Chicago

Menu Three Happiness Restaurant

Menu Three Happiness Restaurant

Three Happiness menu


Chinese food with no frills. You’ll be satisfied if your aim is to fill your belly with Chinese food Great portions at very decent prices. Everything was hot and fresh with the exception of the egg rolls which tasted re-fried Service was also minimal, but we went for Chinese food and that was exactly what we got Gotta admit if you want Chinese food gotta come to Chinatown.

I got the combination rice and it was phenomenal 9.3. Their sweet n sour sauce is perfect for the added flavor to their fried rice. Also got the crab rangoon and yes sirrr these things are a bangin’…i mean brah it’s better than any crab rangoon I’ve had 9.2….hit it with the sweet n sour sauce chef kiss. A couple of egg rolls and it is a quality meal after you had a few drinks. Overall, 9.1…you would mistake the appearance of this place and miss out on the food. Must try.

Definitely one of the most impressive restaurants I been too! Very good food. Totally recommend eating here. Most of the food we order where appetizers and where full after eating all this. Worth your money

The service was awesome and fast, within 5-7 minutes our appetizers were served. Then the entre & sides were served piping hot, and our water glasses were filled. The women that run this restaurant (front end) are polite and really on their game. Will definitely est here again.

I got the plain fried rice with no beans sprouts an extra egg. That is what you see in this photo. It was good. I also ordered the spicy beef. I wanted it to be like the Beijing beef from Panda express. They told me that it was and I was very sad when I got it. It’s this big beef stew that does not taste good & was oddly spicy. Nevertheless, the plain fried rice was good. Dark fried rice it’s a bit sweet because of the dark soy sauce it’s cooked in. I enjoyed my rice and the extra egg on top was great.

I thought the food was delicious and generous portioned, but be aware that many dim sum items are not available. They have an extensive menu which is quite impressive. While my service was great and friendly, I did observe another customer receiving less friendly service.

Amazing food .. Great service.. sooo much food an authentic Asian cuisine…I wish I lived in Chicago to frequent this place..cudos Great food; portions are shareable, and it’s not greasy. We love the ho fun noodles. Late hours are convenient for carry out. The inside is outdated and I wouldn’t consider it a fancy restaurant. There’s only street parking or public lot, both you have to pay for

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