DEL BAGGIO PIZZERIA Restaurant 2024 Delicious food

"Taste the Tradition: DEL BAGGIO PIZZERIA's Signature Pizzas"

DEL BAGGIO PIZZERIA Restaurant Wonderful great hard working guys, how make incredible pizza and other comfort food.


  • Rating of 5 stars: 3.5 
  • pricing:  $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • DEL BAGGIO PIZZERIA Restaurant phone number: +16142975000


Crazy Good* late night food options between Taco Bell McDonald’s and this pizza place that is not too far and stays open late we will definitely be back *
Ordered stuffed shells added feta spinach garlic Caesar salad garlic bread with cheese and calamari $34 and between two people plenty to take home thank you guys

Del Baggio’s Pizzeria pizzas are delicious and there is something about their pizza and or marinara sauce that is memorable. Today was my first time visiting Del Baggio’s. They offer a variety of pizzas and other items that may compliment your choice of pizza. There are a few tables to dine in. Parking in the front and on the side of the restaurant. Nice and friendly staff. Excellent prices!!!


COMING FROM A STRAIGHT ITALIAN FAMILY THIS IS THE BEST MEATBALL SUB IVE EVER HAD!!!! I order frkm here atleast 3 times a week!!! Always hot always fresh amazing authentic flavor only close second is Pizza Fresca!!!!

Great new management, the owner is there more often now and the new employees are polite and friendly… this is the Del Baggio I once loved …if not better. I hope the owner stays there because things always seem to be great when he’s …

Absolutely phenomenal food. One of my favorite Italian subs in all of Columbus. The service is always super fast, and all of the workers have great attitudes. It’s always a pleasure stopping in.

Upon arrival the atmosphere felt warm and inviting. Arilas gave me fantastic, prompt service. I ordered 24 mild Buffalo wings and didn’t realize until I tried them that I was in for such an unexpected and tasty treat. I’ll definitely be back to try the other menu items, I highly recommend this spot if you have a taste for wings!

This place is awful! I ordered wings a sub and zucchini sticks were not added.
First off the dipping sauce was poured on top of wings and seeping through the packaging. The wings were dry and super crunchy. I was able to get a bite from each one. The sub was drenched in this sauce that was too watery to be mayo but it was white. Idk what that was! I scraped it all off and took one bite only to spit it back out! The meat didn’t taste right.
I don’t recommend this restaurant, AT ALL! Just terrible…six bites for my $28.

I have ordered food from Del Baggio Pizzeria via Grubhub.. The menu options are vast and in my experience the quality of the food has been good. Another positive is that are open late for late night fillings. I recently ordered the chicken philly sub and waffle fries. The sub was fantastic that I could’ve eaten two. The waffle fries like most fries do not travel well but the portion fit the price.

I’ve never visited their location but it looks tiny online. It has the perfect gritty outward appearance. They are doing something right. I highly recommend ordering from Del Baggio Puzzeria


Great addition to the Neighborhood, the owners are very nice ppl. The place does somehow get crowded with the hookah bar ppl from across the street on weekends so you might have to wait longer for pick up but on the week days everything is smooth. The food it self have been great better than the other average pizza shops in the area.

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