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Cafe Istanbul Easton Restaurant A very elegant and authentic restaurant. The food is delicious, and the service is very fast. Everything from the soup to the main course and tea was excellent. I definitely recommend it.

Cafe Istanbul Easton Restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.4
  • pricing:  $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Cafe Istanbul Easton Restaurant phone number: +16144739144

Cafe Istanbul Easton Restaurant

Delicious, fresh food. Worth every penny. I got the beef kebabs and hubby got the cabbage rolls. I also had the chicken veggie soup as an appetizer and he had the grape leaves for his. The bread was also fresh and warm, and we both absolutely love Turkish tea and coffee! My beef kebabs were so tender and cooked to a perfect medium! Our service was great and we had a lovely time. We plan on going back!

Cafe Istanbul Easton Restaurant MenuCafe Istanbul Easton MenuMenu Cafe Istanbul Easton Restaurant

Excellent overall but would not recommend the lamb shank special on Saturdays. Nice presentation but swims in watery brother that dilutes all flavor. Lamb tastes steamed but tender. Veggies are quite bland like boiled with minimal taste. A bit challenging to cut good meat off bone and tendons. A side of rice helps absorb the water but still like a broth soup. It’s not wrapped with eggplant but has one spongy piece on top with tomato. Appetizer of calamari was excellent, fresh and flavorful. Dessert also was good highlight. Service very good.

It was my first time here and was excited to try everything. There’s plenty of parking around the plaza. Seating is plenty, but felt a bit cramped. The restaurant is beautiful, so warm and welcoming.

We got the Moussaka and Sauteed Lamb. The dipping sauce and bread was phenomenal, it was delicious and a good starter to the meal, and you can taste the saffron and herbs.
The Moussaka was made well and delicious. It was a pretty big cut and was very good.
The Sauteed Lamb was made very well and flavorful. The lamb was tender and the peppers were soft and crunchy.
Overall, the meal was great and filling. It came with rice and with the bread, it was overall enough for two people. I felt like the flavors were balanced and flavorful, delicious and tasty.

Staff was very kind and accommodating. Staff checked on us multiple times and provided us with great service. They let us know that every meal could be made vegetarian and that’s really nice for dietary needs.

I would recommend this place for a great authentic meal, great service, and delicious food.

Absolutely a fantastic experience. We had limited time for dinner before a flight. We were served with the highest attention and care, the food tasted exceptional, portion sizes are quite big. As a family, we tried a little bit of everyone’s food. The gyro meat was amazing and almost melted in your mouth. The Mousakka was layered with all the veggies, meat and potatoes you’d wish for. Dessert was the perfect size to share and not overeat. All around a great dinner. We would be coming back for sure.

Love this place! Great selection of Turkish dishes, great Turkish coffee and desserts. The atmosphere is amazing and makes me feel like I have traveled to Istanbul. Highly recommend, favorite restaurant in Ohio.


Very nice place with beautiful decor and ambiance. Location of the restaurant is in the heart of restaurant and shopping district which is very convenient. Portions could definitely be bigger. Price is the same you would probably spend in NY or Chicago for slightly bigger portions. Overall a very nice and clean establishment. Good food. We called in and were assured meats and all menu items are halal, confirmed it when arrived once again. Food is 3.7-4.2 stars, location is 5 stars.

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