Sheesh restaurant Missouri 2024 Amazing Restaurant

"Indulge in Mediterranean Delights at Sheesh Restaurant, Missouri"

Sheesh restaurant Missouri Very nice restaurant with good drinks delicious food and expert service very friendly staff and good prices One last thing don’t forget to try Kinafa dessert 

Sheesh restaurant Missouri

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.3 
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Sheesh restaurant Missouri phone number: +13148334321

Sheesh restaurant Missouri

Sheesh is a must experience restaurant on South Grand! The restaurant has such a great atmosphere and the food is delicious!

My favorite dishes are: Appetizer Combo, Grape Leaves, Beef Doner, & Mixed Grill!

Sheesh restaurant MenuSheesh restaurant Missouri MenuMenu Sheesh restaurant Missouri

Best thing that happened to us in saint Louis was this restaurant. It was a memorable experience to visit this restaurant. The food is extremely delicious. Every thing is halal and the staff is also so friendly. There indoor setup is also very cosy
They also gave complimentary lentils soup at the star

I already had my dinner at some other restaurant; I only came here on my friend’s recommendation for the IceCream Kunafa. It was deliciously delicious. The lentil soup that came as a compliment from them was yummy, and my toddler enjoyed gulping the warm soup. I ordered Turkish Black coffee too; it was authentic for sure.

The food here was incredible! Authentic Turkish dishes and incredible hummus. The manager or owner greeted us as soon as we walked in, and you could instantly feel his kind Turkish hospitality. The decor and atmosphere of this place is just beautiful with pieces from all over Turkey! The service, however, was very poor.

Our server did not seem to care about her tables. At one point, both servers were sitting down at another table eating food, which felt incredibly unprofessional. Additionally, she gave the other table our dish and then when she realized she’d mixed them up, didn’t apologize or say anything about it until we asked where our food was. Another table she was serving had to ask her how they should order food because she took so long to greet them.

Honestly it really made this experience disappointing because I’ve experienced Turkish culture and hospitality growing up there, and this was just not it. I have four stars because I want to support the manager/owner (who was very very kind) but I hope they are able to get servers who at the very least, can pretend to care about their job.

The food was great. The kabobs were full of flavor, and the texture and presentation was great. The hummus was a perfect accompaniment and the dolma wrapped nicely. The bread was hot and the perfect start for the meal and we really loved the lentil soup.

The service was really good. The servers were attentive and friendly. The atmosphere was great. It was comfortable and the plating was stylish.

All in all, Sheesh is a great place for a nice dinner with friends or loved ones. The food was delicious, the service was excellent and the atmosphere was inviting. Definitely worth a visit!

Great Turkish restaurant! The ambiance is very authentic!To note,they give complimentary Lentil soup. The protein portions are small for the price we’re paying. I’ll definitely come back again!


This place is an experience to be shared with friends and family. The lamb was amazing, as was all the food. The soup was unexpectedly really good and pairs well with the bread. The decor is amazing and set the mood for a romantic date night. Try it out, especially if you like trying new things!

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