The Vine Cafe and Market Missouri 2024 Delicious food

The Vine Cafe and Market Missouri Lebanese inspired restaurant and market. Market portion is pretty small, but I assume has tough items to find at other grocers. Ton of hookahs for sale…

The Vine Cafe and Market Missouri

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.4
  • pricing: $
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  • The Vine Cafe and Market Missouri phone number: +13147760991

The Vine Cafe and Market

So delicious! I’m a vegetarian, hubby is a carnivore. The falafel for me, the mixed shawarma for him. The hummus, babaganoush and fries are family favorites as well!

Veggies Sandwich, Walnut Baklava, Tabouli Hummus & Falafel S, Appetizer Combo, Pistachio Baklava, Hummus and Pita, Fries, Lebanese Nachos, Tabouli Salad

menu The Vine Cafe and Market MissouriThe Vine Cafe and Market menuThe Vine Cafe and Market Missouri menumenu The Vine Cafe and Market

Absolutely love their appetizer combo! We often order it for dinner…so good! Their pitas are like delicious pillows and their lebnah is so rice and creamy…I’m getting hungry just typing this…

Overall, the food and juices were so fresh and tasty!!! The kabobs definitely came with a lot of rice. I didn’t want to waste it so I’m taking it home. Nice and clean, and everyone was so kind. It did take a little while for the food to come out, but it might’ve just felt like a while because I was so hungry! But when it came out it was worth the wait. Highly rec everyone get a juice as well. I got pineapple!

We dined there and I ordered the mixed Shawarma, chicken and beef, hummus and the Mango Mania smoothie. Great flavor and the chicken was very tender. The beef was chewy so I recommend sticking with just chicken. The hummus was served in a plastic container and my reaction was this wasn’t made on premise. My daughter’s take was the restaurant was geared for mostly take out. The pita served with the hummus was not warmed.

This made it a bit chewy. The smoothie was Delicious. I would order it again. This is a very casual restaurant and it’s family friendly. No parking lot so you’ll park on the street. You go to the counter to order then they’ll call your name when your food is ready.

was having a tough day and coming here was exactly what I needed. everyone is so warm and inviting. food was DELICIOUS and reasonably cheap for how much you get. Met my brother here. He was running late and the kitchen closed by the time he got here, but they game him a FREE MEAL!

The food at The Vine Cafe and Market is good. The baba ganoush and the vegetable fry sandwich were tasty. The portions were smaller than I remembered. It is better to get take out as they serve food in takeout containers even when dining in. Compared to their food prices, the lack of amenities and service is disappointing. Plenty of options for vegetarians. They also have smoothies.

The atmosphere is very welcoming. The “juice bar” is phenomenal and looked forward to when going there. They truly care about the quality of the food they prepare for their customers. The portions are generous. They have the best FALAFEL in the city, if not the state.

The closest beef shawarma taste of the Middle East is at The Vine Cafe and Market. Best $10 I’ve spent! The sandwich is basically a whole circle of flat, Syrian white bread that’s wrapped around a generous amount of tender beef chunks, which were topped with tahini, parsley, pickle spears, and chopped tomatoes. Yum!


I have eaten at and gotten takeout from here dozens of times and every time the food has been exceptional. The preparation is very consistent and always delicious. Staff is so friendly and kind. My favorites are the mango chickpea curry and the falafel. Lucky to have the Vine in STL!

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