Sariling Atin Restaurant Chicago 2024 Beautiful Restaurant

Sariling Atin: Where Every Meal Feels Like a Filipino Fiesta

Sariling Atin Restaurant First-rate vibes and very friendly service. The menu was fresh and enchanting. Will surely recommend this place to my friends. Affordable prices and generous portions. Great job

Sariling Atin Restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.1
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Sariling Atin Restaurant  phone number: +18477681271

Sariling Atin Restaurant chicago

This place is doubtless one of the finest place in the neighborhood. Always when I come to this place I am highly pleased. They always keep their high standard service and the topmost level of meals they serve. You can never go wrong with this place. Very recommended We love eating out. Yesterday we visited this superb restaurant which we didn’t know before. We had a delightful evening there with fine dishes and a well-trained crew and an impressive cuisine. We put this fine restaurant in our phone list and we shall certainly visit again soon. deeply recommend

Menu Sariling Atin Restaurant

Sariling Atin Restaurant chicago menuMenu Sariling Atin Restaurant


Regardless of what the total review rating is, this place is as authentic as Filipino eatery experience is. Food and ambiance is spot on. Serving is good and price is cheaper than most. If you’re looking for a posh or fusion style sit in place, then you may need to go elsewhere. Every time I eat here, it reminds me of home. Packed place and variety of food ready to serve fast. It would’ve been 5 stars if they smile more often, but they have to step it up with the quality of meat they prepare. Their beef & pork is tougher that Paquiao!! Poor quality of meat in my opinion. Their siopao is very good though

If this place wasnt too far from Chicago, i’ll definitely come here everyday! Their portions are good like alot! Very affordable filipino restaurant!! We got like 5 entrees and a dessert for $45! One of the entrees are 8pcs of bbq. Thank you

Found this place through Google Map reviews. It is a very authentic place. Inside there are several tables. There are a varieties of sweets, dishes, fish, and Philippines street food. I got several items and they all tasted yummy.

Amazing filipino food. Their Sinigang is really good. My girlfriend loves filipino food. If I were to take her on a perfect date, this would be the place for it. Because this place has really good filipino food This is an authentic Filipino restaurant that serves food in cafeteria style. Meaning they have certain foods prepared and you pick from what’s available. I came for their Sisig – which I heard was good – but they had ran out for the day. I ended up with two pork dishes – Liempo and Lechon kawali. Both were good and fairly priced.

The food feels like what I eat at extended family dinners – good, but not quite the extra pop that you expect from a restaurant. Don’t get me wrong – it’s good and if you want authentic Filipino food quickly – this should be on you short list. The dining area is small but it seems most people are ordering takeout. A group of 4 to 6 people should be ok – provided there is not another larger group. Overall it feels like an extension of a family home that has been converted into a restaurant. I liked it.

At the first moment you step in that place the waiters give you a pleasant feeling. Very friendly team, it is a nice restaurant to enjoy with friends or with your date. heavenly meals, experienced chief cook and stuff, reasonable cost and courteous service. Highly recommended

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