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Maza Halal Turkish and Mediterranean Restaurant Nevada 2024 Amazing food

"Savoring Mediterranean Flavors: Maza Halal Restaurant in Nevada"

Maza Halal Turkish and Mediterranean Restaurant Nevada Beautiful restaurant from all sides The food, staff, cleanliness, atmosphere and prices are reasonable

Maza Halal Turkish and Mediterranean Restaurant Nevada

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.3
  • pricing: $$
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  • Maza Halal Turkish and Mediterranean Restaurant Nevada phone number: +17029120050

Maza Halal Turkish and Mediterranean Restaurant Nevada

This is the first time we dined at a Turkish restaurant. The Turkish music and decor added to our enjoyment. We have eaten Mediterranean style, but this experience was different in many wonderful ways.

The photo shows the Turkish style of pita bread, which is thicker and slightly sweet with sesame seeds. We had the combo shish kebab and chicken shish kebab platters. A menu is in the attached photos.

The chicken, meat, and lamb chops were all flavorful and cooked perfectly. The rice and condiments were also flavorful. The lentil soup with a hint of curry was a good starter. The salad was fresh and tasty. The pickled cabbage combined with the main entrees created a heavenly palate.

Our waiter, Azmet, was awesome. At the end of the meal, we declined dessert, but was offered complimentary Turkish black hot tea which added the final punctuation mark on a truly wonderful outing. We highly recommend Maza.

Maza Halal Turkish and Mediterranean Restaurant MenuMaza Halal Turkish and Mediterranean MenuMaza Halal Turkish and Mediterranean Restaurant Nevada MenuMenu Maza Halal Turkish and Mediterranean Restaurant Nevada

Very tasty halal food with an awesome atmosphere. We tried the kabob bundle which comes with 2 big bowls of rice 2 appetizer plates and 2 salad as well,the staffs were awesome, very friendly and well trained. I pretty much liked all of the kabob but the lamb chops was the winner!! I would go back to Vegas again just to eat at that restaurant even though I live in LA! One suggestion- they could have add the fountain drink, I really don’t like to ask ice over and over just for a can drink.

Maza Halal Turkish and Mediterranean Restaurant have left a lasting impression with its delightful array of Middle Eastern flavors. The succulent kebabs, juicy and delicious, are evidently a highlight for those who appreciate the rich and aromatic cuisine of the region. The ambiance of the restaurant adds to the dining experience, creating a welcoming environment for large groups and gatherings.

The staff’s friendliness and courteousness, along with the thoughtful gesture of complimentary tea, contribute to the warm hospitality. The absence of a mandatory service charge, allowing patrons to tip at their discretion, reflects a customer-focused approach, enhancing the overall dining experience. It’s these thoughtful touches that make a restaurant stand out, and it’s no wonder that I highly recommended this for anyone visiting Las Vegas with a craving for Middle Eastern fare.

Finding cozy and tasty halal food in Vegas doesn’t seem easy. After finding on google came here already twice. Fellas are so friendly and welcoming. Food was great and tasty. We ended up being here on Ramadan and enjoyed open buffet full of different dishes. I would highly recommend this place.

The people are extremely nice and helpful! The owner even came to our table to chat with us. The food was delicious and they make their own bread so that was super fresh!! Soooo good. The chicken and salad was amazing as well. Loved it!!


This is a great restaurant to try something new! The food here is amazing and not overpriced. The menu is simple yet varied. My wife and I tried all the dips, the combo plate, the pita, and baklava, all of which were delicious! The atmosphere was so nice!

Great music is busy, but not too busy. The staff was super friendly and patient! It was our first time trying this type of food, and our server helped us with any questions and didn’t make us feel judged for not knowing what each dish was

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