B&Q Afro Root Cuisine restaurant (prices + menu + location)

B&Q Afro Root Cuisine restaurant Amazing food , best Nigerian food I have had in Chicago. They can tend to be not super friendly but the food makes up for it

Name: B&Q Afro Root Cuisine restaurant

Type: African restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: There is

Beer:  nothing

work Time: 11:00am-10:00pm/Sunday, closed

Location : click here

Address B&Q Afro Root Cuisine restaurant

N Kenmore Ave, Chicago, IL 60640، United States

Phone number B&Q Afro Root Cuisine restaurant


B&Q Afro Root Cuisine

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Very small intimate space, large portions of food, and affordable. Was a little unclear what to do upon entry, as no one immediately greeted us. Seemed like everything was run buy one lady and a kitchen crew. I’m not familiar with Nigerian cuisine so it was a new food experience for me and I enjoyed everything we ordered

I got the vibe that this the kind of place area locals know of and go to, without a lot of first-timers like myself. This was sort of a back-up choice since other area restaurants were packed, but it was quiet, with a handful of customers, and honestly it was good and felt like the better place to be! Would come back again. Cash tipping only. Street parking in the vicinity

B&Q Afro Root Cuisine restaurant

B&Q Afro Root Cuisine

 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

certainly always maintain the lead level with other African restaurants as one of the pioneers. Good food, sound humor, excellent taste and perfect service

Review to

Their service is HORRIBLE. Especially with that one lady who sits there (doesn’t even greet anyone or try to serve anyone, won’t even give you a menu) but the food….. wow. It’s so good it takes you back to a happier time, amazing food. Larger portions and fairer prices compared to their competitors. Will be going back

Review three

The BEST STEW IN TOWN HANDS DOWN!!! The only reason they’re getting 3 stars instead of 5 is for their reaction to black Americans when they walk in. They aren’t friendly or even happy to see different races and/or backgrounds walking through their doors so expect the strange looks (especially from the owner) when you walk in if you’re not Nigerian. But there red stew with greens is some of the best I’ve ever had you just have to put up with the “you don’t belong here” stare when you pick up your food

Review four

Terrific restaurant. Great African fares. Good-size portions too & good value for the money

B&Q Afro Root Cuisine

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