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Zaytoon Restaurant Nevada 2024 Beautiful food

"Discover the Best of Persian restaurant in Nevada"

Zaytoon Restaurant Nevada Looking for a good place to eat in the Las Vegas area and found this gem. Small place attached to a grocery store but don’t let that fool you!!! The best meal we had during our visit!!! The best Koobideh kabob this side of the Mississippi. The fresh juices and tea were also great!!! We ate here twice during our visit, yes it was that good.

Zaytoon Restaurant Nevada

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.5
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Zaytoon Restaurant Nevada phone number: +17026851875

Zaytoon Restaurant

If your looking for the best chicken kabob in Vegas trust me you can’t go wrong. There is a small restaurant beside their store so don’t miss out. They have to expand this place is always busy. Staff and owners are so friendly.  Try it!! I’ve been to Istanbul and have had a lot of Turkish food but I think this is only my second persian restaurant. The kashk bademjan is extremely good.

Delicious eggplant, tons of roasted garlic and great earthy spices. A new favorite dish. The chicken skewers should have more seasoning and be charred properly rather than looking baked and a little boring but 5 stars for the other delicious dish

Zaytoon Restaurant menuZaytoon Restaurant Nevada menu

I recently visited Zeytoon Restaurant and Market in Las Vegas and was blown away by the quality of food and service. The restaurant is family-owned and operated, which gives it a warm and welcoming atmosphere. I highly recommend Zeytoon Restaurant and Market to anyone looking for delicious.

Absolutely spectacular Mediterranean food. I’ve been coming here for years and have never been disappointed. Literally anything you pick off the menu is going to be fantastic. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Shared a fantastic flavorful meal with my partner at this location. I have been looking for a Mediterranean spot for a while now and I believe I have found it.

The food was incredibly flavorful and the spices were great. The service was also nice. 100% recommend this to anyone. Not only was the food delicious but it was also priced well. The best Persian food in LV that I have eaten so far.

The bread, wonderful; the aush, tasty; the yogurt and cucumbers, the BEST; the rice, perfect; the stews, delightful; the Chicken Kabob with bone, really good. I will return.

hands down the best Iranian food in Vegas. Lovely, welcoming staff, good service, and a nice specialty market to browse after enjoying a delicious meal. Wish I lived closer—I would be dining here every week! The food is great. It has a small place and limited service area but their service is spot on. The food was amazing and the tea was icing on the great experience. The market next to it has everything you may need. Overall kababs might be recommended over stews. The bread was also amazing.

Very high quality and tasty food, we tried Barg and chicken Soltani and they tasted all good! I have been traveling from Toronto to LA and Vegas and honestly the quality of this restaurant is far better than the top rated Persian restaurants in LA! Keep it up! I loved the experience there with my family.

The food was awesome with the market next to it so you can fill the time while waiting for the food to get some Persian ingredients for home as well. I ordered Soltani and masto mosir and dough which came with fresh bread. All came great with the finish of very delicious tea!


The food is delicious and hospitality is great. We also have a lot of respect for the owners, as they are people with integrity. They are kind and very friendly. Highly recommend it!

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