California Pizza Kitchen at Bridgeport Oregon 2024 Amazing Restaurant

"Pizza with a Californian Twist: California Pizza Kitchen, Oregon"

California Pizza Kitchen at Bridgeport Oregon Diner style restaurant that I didn’t have high expectations from given that it’s a big chain, but I was really surprised by how good the food and drinks were.

California Pizza Kitchen at Bridgeport Oregon

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.2
  • pricing: $$
  • California Pizza Kitchen at Bridgeport Oregon phone number: +15039680504

California Pizza Kitchen at Bridgeport

The sandwiches and pizza were delicious. Salads were kinda sad looking and tasted pretty terrible. Oversaturated with oils and overly chopped. The avocado club egg rolls were bomb! Absolutely delicious as always.

Our waitress with the tars behind the ears was amazing and really took care of us while dining in. Probably will come back but not for the salad. I’ll try the soups next time.

We ordered a Sicilian pizza and a California veggie pizza with a flight or sangrias and a strawberry mango cooler. The pizzas are a bit small for the price but perfect for a one person portion size. They were both very good and the crust was soft, which is always something I look out for. My drinks were also superb – especially the strawberry mango cooler, which I will definitely be going back for. Service is quick and friendly.

California Pizza Kitchen at Bridgeport Oregon menuCalifornia Pizza Kitchen at Bridgeport menu

It’s fine. Sometimes it feels like the recipes try too hard to be interesting instead of being good. The pizza is fine. I’ve never had a bad meal here, but never had a meal that impressed me. Service has been great every time, though. Only 4 stars on service due to being short staffed and our server was new. Food was great and very tasty. Even though we had a new server, the entire experience was great.

My daughter started working in this area and it’s our first few times coming shopping. Walking around and enjoying the ambience. The food here was absolutely amazing. I’ve never had salmon cooked so absolutely perfect. The crust on the pizza was absolutely perfect.

Spot on tastiness the corn slaw that was accompanying the salmon is something I have never tasted before. I am now a feta lover. My daughter had the shrimp fettuccine. Tantalizing to the tastebuds would be an understatement.

The bread came late and we would’ve liked more but our little waitress was super busy. She had a smile on her face the whole time and I never saw her sit down one time the entire hour and a half we stayed, we will definitely be back. Also very surprising for a family of four to leave under $100.

We went here for the lunch hour over the weekend. Overall good selection of pizzas, really enjoyed the wild mushroom pizza, and and their Thai salad was good. Their strawberry lemonade was great. The customer service was great, Rachel was friendly and courteous. For a table of seven, the food came out relatively fast. Their outdoor patio was wonderful and worked great with the beautiful sunshine.

We love the food here! Kung Pao Spaghetti with chicken is my favorite!! Start it off with some Avocado club egg rolls and YUM!! We requested to sit in David’s section.

As he is our favorite waiter! He is always so nice and has a sense of urgency! Melissa the hostess either didn’t know where his section was or chose to disregard our request and sat us in someone else’s section. But Carrie ended up helping us and she was fantastic too!!! Now we have a favorite waitress!!!

finally Great place to grab a meal. If there is a issue is they always seem busy which in most ways is really a good thing. So if u are In the area stop by and grab a bite.

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