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Ali Baba restaurant nyc 2024 really delicious

Ali Baba restaurant nyc

If you’ve been yearning for delectable Mediterranean fare in the expansive city of New York, Ali Baba restaurant nyc Mediterranean Cuisine is the go-to restaurant.

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary flavors of the Mediterranean with their impressive dishes that transport you to the region.

From savory lentil soup and their signature lahmacun to a diverse selection of vegetarian options, seafood, hot and cold appetizers, and more, Ali Baba has a comprehensive menu to satiate your palate.

Renowned as one of the most esteemed Mediterranean restaurants in NYC, Ali Baba offers a delightful array of meals featuring authentic Mediterranean flavors, all served in a distinctive and genuine setting.

The menu is thoughtfully organized, making it easy for you to choose your desired meal.

Ali Baba restaurant nyc

Ali Baba restaurant nyc

  • Rating of 5 stars: $$
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  • Ali Baba restaurant nyc phone number: +12128888622

Me and my fiancé are in this street very often whenever we are in Manhattan, and we love to try all the restaurants around the neighborhood. Finally came to Ali Baba and was a very pleasant lunch experience.

We also brought my mother which she had been wanting to try Turkish food after she had finished watching a Turkish soap apera on Netflix.

So we brought her for lunch and we were very happy with the food, the service and the staff. Amazing over all experience and will be back very soon to have another lunch.

Ali Baba Menu nyc halal

Ali Baba Menu nyc

Ali Baba restaurant Menu nyc

Ali Baba restaurant Menu

Ali Baba restaurant nyc Menu

Excellent authentic Turkish food (just like what we had recently in Turkey!). Everything was good especially the freshly baked bread. The food was super flavorful and not salty.

So happy they have imam bayildi which is one of my favorite eggplant dishes and so rarely offered in NYC Turkish restaurants.

Also impressed they have künefe which is also less common in NYC (although this one was not as good as künefe in Turkey). The service could be improved. A few things were off.

I ordered ayran and had to remind the waiter twice yet he gave the other table that came in after my group the ayran and told me that was the last one.

Also had to remind them to fill water. But overall food wise definitely recommend this place.

A midtown mediterranean restaurant . A Friendly and welcoming atmosphere. A live jazz music. Indoor and outdoor seating.

Our outdoor seating was comfortable and decorated with potted flowers made us believe that we are on a backyard. A plate with a big warm Turkish bread was served with olives and olive oil complimentary.

Our orders included a plate with a large chicken shush kebab and a whole Bronzini which were served with a sided fresh veggie, lemon and charred coaled veggie.

A hot Turkish tea has ended our dinner. Highly recommend this place for a dinner as this restaurant is opened at 5:30 pm.

The service to begin with was great , and the food was literally mind blowing.I Got the lahmacun myself and it was everything i have been craving.

My friend got the alinazik and the sauce underneath the lamb was so suiting for the perfectly cooked lamb on top.We got the baklava too which was good but i have had better i am ngl.

Their hospitality was great they made us try turkish tea on the house and even gave us a refill for free too. I will be back 🙂

We were in Ali Baba yesterday for a Sunday dinner. Ordered short ribs, Mixed appetizer plate, and 2 glasses of Turkish Okuzgozu red wine.

This is the real Turkish taste! Ferhat was very friendly and served very well. I wish I had not eaten 3 hours ago in another place, and wanted to finish what we ordered 🙂 thank you Ali Baba Family. New York deserves you!


Ali Baba restaurant nyc

Congrats to Ali Baba for opening this great Mediterranean restaurant.

The Turkish food is delicious, especially the freshly baked pide and lahmacun. I highly recommend Ali Baba Restaurant to anyone looking for great Turkish food in NYC.

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