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New York

Balade restaurant new york 2024 Delicious food awaits you

Balade restaurant NYC

Balade restaurant new york A Lebanese bistro that provides a selection of traditional and innovative dishes, including kebabs and pita pizzas, along with a variety of beer and wine options.

I recently tried this amazing restaurant that offers a mouthwatering variety of Middle Eastern delights. Their Balade Mix Grill Platter, Shish Tawook, Falafel, Chicken Shawarma, Beef Shawarma, and Supreme Platter were all incredibly delicious!

The flavors were authentic and the portions were generous. I highly recommend trying their diverse menu if you’re a fan of Middle Eastern cuisine. It’s a culinary adventure you won’t want to miss!”

Balade restaurant new york

Balade restaurant new york Menu

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.4
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click here
  • Balade restaurant new york phone number: +12125296868


Balade restaurant new york address

Been here a couple of times, and have really enjoyed everything that they have to offer.

The Shish Tawook and the shrimp in particular were excellent! The staff here is among the warmest and most hospitable I have come across in NYC. Definitely give this place a visit!


Visited Balade again and savored a broader array of dishes and enjoyed each of them. Every dish was flavorful and delicious, from the original recommendations (Shish Tawook and Shrimp) to several other dishes that we tried (including the Tarboush Chicken, Moudardara, Chicken Seekh Shawarma, Mloukhie).

My only disappointment was that the service fell below the very high standard my prior visits had set. Perhaps it was because the owners/managers weren’t there.

The server forgot our order of two pots of teas (or blamed the other server who he had told but whose shift had ended).

When the tea did come, he couldn’t give a clear answer whether the tea was already brewed or needed more steeping.

Also, one of the teapots was lukewarm. When we called for the check, the guest count on the bill was wrong, and we were surprised to find that they had charged a fee for using a credit card.

Overall, i will still highly recommend Balade, but would love for these little things around customer service to be fixed.

The Lebanese food here is great. Trouble is, this is a city of a lot of great Lebanese and Middle Eastern restaurants. It was super busy so you knew it was good.

Almost too busy, they brought all the food one after another very quickly and then expected you to vacate when you were done which made lingering for after dinner conversation a little difficult.

We would have appreciated not feeling rushed but I get it restaurants are in the business to make money.

The food was the best Lebanese food of my life, other than my grandmother’s! You can rarely find sfia on a menu, and this was a total highlight, spiced and cooked perfectly, from the baked dough to the beef mixed with pine nuts, to the touch of cinnamon and allspice (I think!)

The tabbouleh was also perfection, heavy on tomatoes and parsley, very light on bulgur wheat. We loved the vegetarian grape leaves, the labneh with a delicate layer of olive oil on top, the hummus and the fattoush. Be sure to get the vegetarian sampler plate so that you can sample all these dishes.

This atmosphere of this place was amazing. The food came out in a timely manner and everything was soo flavorful. The service was sublime as well.

Isla did a great job of offering up options, explaining the dishes and giving us recommendations. Would definitely recommend


Balade restaurant new york phone number

My go to spot. I have a soft spot in my heart for their Manakesh. It’s my comfort food. The team here is so lovely. And my Moroccan friend even said this place is delicious.

Their hummus is so fresh. The pitas are definitely made in house. Their zatar is heavenly. My go to place on a weeknight when I want to take care of myself. Food: I love that nothing is too heavy.

The herbs are so fresh and light. You really want more. My favorite is the wild za’atar. It’s so simple. Good bread, good herbs, good olive oil. I always get this no matter what.

They have specials for people who dine in. Each day is a different Lebanese dish. Friday’s are my favorite because it’s an eggplant stew in a tomato sauce. It’s stewed so deeply and slowly.

It’s tender with herbs and spices. I used a pita to wipe down the pot it’s served in. Service: exceptional! I love Ali. We’ve also been cared for by the owners which says they’re quite humble, warm, welcoming.

I’ve had some mistakes in my orders before but who hasn’t? It’s all good. Atmosphere: the decor is beautiful! If you haven’t dined inside, you must! You will understand more of the food and culture.

The window seats are my favorite. I go for an early dinner and sit there for a long time enjoying my meal and reading a book. Sometimes I bring a friend.

The lighting and eastern Mediterranean decor is what makes the ambiance so special. Save room for dessert! The baklava and ashta are my favorite. Ashta is like Lebanese clotted creme topped with honey and pistachios.


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