Cento Restaurant Wisconsin 2024 Beautiful food

"Cento Restaurant: Where Every Meal is a Celebration"

Cento Restaurant Wisconsin Yummy food, delicious cocktails, great ambiance, and friendly staff! Lots of pasta and pizza options to choose from, however

Cento Restaurant Wisconsin

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.5
  • pricing: $$$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Cento Restaurant Wisconsin phone number: +16082849378

Cento Restaurant Wisconsin

Very nice ambience in a restaurant near the square. Food is always good, although, last night, my husband and I agreed the seared scallops were too salty, and I am so to who does not go light on the salt when I cook. The service is always great! Timing between appetizers and entrees is appreciated, not too rushed or too long. The brussel sprouts is our favorite appetizer; the sauce drizzled on top is delicious!

Cento Restaurant Wisconsin Menu

At Cento’s in Madison, WI, my aunt and I had a memorable dining experience. We began with the delectable dates as an appetizer, a sweet and savory delight. My choice, the mushroom pizza, was a flavorful masterpiece, with a perfect balance of ingredients, though my photos couldn’t capture its deliciousness. My aunt thoroughly enjoyed the salmon, a testament to the restaurant’s versatility in satisfying different palates. Cento’s is a culinary gem in Madison, offering a diverse menu and warm ambiance that’s perfect for sharing memorable meals.

We’ve had dinner here before and have had nice experiences, but recently came for brunch and sat at the bar… absolutely loved it! Excellent and creative brunch drinks, really well-crafted entrees. The service, however, was outstanding. Sometimes when you sit at the bar, it feels like you’re an afterthought compared to those who reserved tables, but Robert, the bar manager, went above and beyond.

It would have been a great meal regardless, but we enjoyed our experience that much more because of his excellent hospitality, as well as that of the server who was initially assisting us (who had to leave because of a shift change). We’re looking forward to coming back for brunch again soon.

And kudos/thanks to Robert. It was some of the best service we’ve had at any restaurant in Madison. Came here for brunch & the food was absolutely incredible! I had the biscuits and gravy but I can’t wait to go back and try more things. Our server was Austin and he was so personable and attentive and made our experience so amazing!!

We both work evenings so we decided to try and celebrate Valentine’s Day one day early. First off, the fact that a restaurant this good allows reservations after 9pm is amazing. This is surprisingly harder to find in Madison. When you work until 8:30 P.M getting to a restaurant before 9pm is challenging and feels rushed. So our 9:15 time was perfect. Our entire experience was incredible. Wonderful service, amazing food, and

This is probably the coolest restaurant I have ever been to. The staff was great, unfortunately the food was 4 out of 5 instead of 5 out of 5. Meatballs were boring, and the suggested extra bread not necessary, glad it was only $4. We chose the Kale Caesar, it was bitter, hard to chew. If you love Kale, go for it. If not choose the house salad with the frizzy and the figs. Wife had the spicy salami pizza, it was dynamite. Would be great to get back to Madison and try this again..


The food was great! Glad to see my friends enjoying them! The staff need to be more careful when grabbing the plates and knives because one of my friend’s face was slightly touched by the knife…Fortunately it was very softly and didn’t hurt. But overall it is a very good restaurant and I hope to visit again.

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