Selam Ethiopian Kitchen Chicago 2024 Amazing food

A Taste of Ethiopia: Selam Ethiopian Kitchen

Selam Ethiopian Kitchen One of the best place to eat at. Tried 3 places in Chicago. Selam is more authentic and so tasty. They are so nice and service is A plus

Selam Ethiopian Kitchen

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.6
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Selam Ethiopian Kitchen phone number: +17732714300
Selam Ethiopian Kitchen restaurant It was my first time going to the restaurant. From the outside appearance you wouldn’t know that it was a cozy place to eat. The waitress was very helpful and informative on the whole menu. The food that was prepared was amazing and the atmosphere of the place was soothing. I was full from what I ordered and had to take some food home for later. Plan on coming again for a good meal

Selam Ethiopian Kitchen menu

Selam Ethiopian Kitchen restaurant menu menu Selam Ethiopian KitchenSelam Ethiopian Kitchen menu
It was delightful to eat at place where I can get authentic Ethiopian food. The place is great find and I recommend anyone who would like to try out Ethiopian food
Great experience. This restaurant has a wonderful atmosphere with great music . Nothing fancy but very welcoming! The owner is super friendly and happy to explain the menu and make recommendations. The food was incredible. We can’t wait to go back.
This restaurant was recommended to me by one of my Ethiopian friends and it did not disappoint. The goden tibs was suggested and it was the star of the show. Cooked to perfection! It was perfectly seasoned, crispy but also melt in your mouth deliciousness. This is a must try. We also got the chicken and beef sambusa. I personally liked the beef over the chicken but both were still very good. I will be returning very soon to try the other items on the menu.
Excellent Ethiopean food at a reasonable price. Friendly staff. Signage and Google Maps were slightly misleading so don’t give up of you can’t find the place at first glanceEnjoyed the smokey crust of the Goden Tibs, the injera, lentils side dish, and the honey wine. Folks were friendly helping us through the menu. Fairly pricedIt was a worm welcome when we get in the service was wonderful. The vegetables combo was so delicious and the fish too. The smiley face of the chief selam to the customers was really makes you that you are home. Thanks for your wonderful service and delicious food. I recommend who ever want the Ethiopian food go to Found this place as a recommendation from a friend and the food here is absolutely amazing! I’ve had Ethiopian food before and this is by far my favorite!I was lucky enough to speak to the owners and learned that they make everything by hand. Of course the dishes, the Injera (bread that comes with the dishes) and even the honey wine! I highly recommend the honey wine if you’re so lucky to be at this spot. Honestly need to add this to my bar.The people who work here are so lovely and I’ll definitely This is definitely a great spot for Ethiopian food. Free parking by the shopping center. Ambience is calm with soft music and you can have conversations. I always get surprised why this place is Not congested for the service you get. Maybe the location Food is delicious and prices are fair. I am addicted to their Short ribs( Goden tibs). I highly recommend this place

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