Kabob Palace Restaurant Washington DC

This the best Kabob Palace Restaurants in town! I usually go on Thursday’s for their cauliflower special and it never disappoints, the lamb and chicken are very good as well.

Kabob Palace

  • Name : Kabob Palace
  • Worktime : open 24 hours
  • Type :Pakistani food restaurant – halal
  • Assessment : 4.1
  • Prices : $$-$$$
  • website click here …
  • Google Maps click here …
  • Address : 2315 S Eads St, Arlington, VA 22202, United States

Kabob Palace Phone number :


Best seller :


Chicken Kabob

Lamb Chop

Chapeli Kabob

Chicken Kubideh

Kabob Palace Menu :

Kabob Palace Menu

Kabob Palace Menu

Kabob Palace Menu

Kabob Palace Menu


Visitors’ Comments :

Comment 1 :

Fresh hot Kabobs! Best in DC, rush around midnight as well. When you are hungary and get to see funny numbers stickers at the same place, it’s some amusement while waiting for the order.

Comment 2 :

This place is amazing. Yes, the wait can be long so bring a friend to chat with. But the food is well worth it (which is why there are always lines). I no longer live in the area, but I occasionally contemplate flying back for the lamb kabobs with chickpeas.

Comment 3 :

I eat at Kebab Palace whenever I go to D. C. Several times each trip actually. The food is wonderful and plentiful. I haven’t been there during the COVID pandemic but I very much enjoyed sharing a table with other people.
I can’t wait to get back there.

Comment 4 :

Had just landed in Washington late night and was craving some good food.
This place had great reviews and one of the places that was open late and it dint disappoint us.
We ordered lamb chops which is my fav and two kabob combo plate .
The quantity was pretty good. We weren’t able to finish it and ended up taking it to go. This place is a must try if you are fond of Kabob.

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