The Halal Guys restaurant Virginia 2024 Beautiful food

"Exploring the Flavorful World of The Halal Guys"

The Halal Guys restaurant Virginia can be a little crowded, but that’s because the food is very good with great/fast service. Great for a quick stop for lunch and that sauce is the bomb!

The Halal Guys restaurant Virginia

  • Rating of 5 stars: 3.8
  • pricing: $
  • Menu: click Here
  • The Halal Guys restaurant Virginia phone number: +15712823444

The Halal Guys restaurant Virginia

The food is really delicious but a little expensive. The service is ok. They speak so fast you cannot even tell what they are saying like they don’t want us to listen or something. Definitely not an inviting atmosphere but the food quality is good. They do not charge you for extra sauce any more, so that’s a plus. I would recommend if someone likes  gyros.

The Halal Guys restaurant Virginia Menu

The Halal Guys restaurant Menu


The absolute best meal that I’ve had for $10 in 2021 hands down! The combo platter w/halal chicken and beef gyro meat, basmati rice, so aromatic and perfect, the side salad, w/pita bread. The container was about 2-3 pounds easy.

I was going to go to New York just to try their famous food cart until I found out it was here in SEVERAL locations! Small straightforward menu, but all items are BANGERS, TRUST ME. Straight !!! by the way the white sauce is heavenly and the red sauce…I suggest a taste test beforehand. Very spicy, but the employees were hyping it as TOO spicy, and wasn’t too hot for me, so definitely get at least a little bit, or on the side and you’ll thank me

Wow.. for a place that is a quick spot to grab and go… they have outstanding customer service. I have to give a shout out to Mahadi. As me and my friend were eating, he came by to make sure we didn’t need anything. Food was delicious and exactly how we wanted it but he politely checked on everyone in the restaurant to ensure they were satisfied.

BTW the lychee ice tea is freaking amazing!!! I am going back simply because the food and drink was delicious but even more so of the customer service we received! Thanks Mahadi for making us feel welcomed. You are amazing! Oh and it’s a great location with tons of parking available. We left stuffed, happy, and beyond satisfied.

I been eating halal guys for about 5 years now here in Virginia to include a few times in NY. I have not had any issues (so far), the food is always good and the portions are adequate. Went there for lunch. Staff was friendly and their prices are also good. Good small platter/bowl and it was more than enough for one person. Food was good also. It is good for weekday lunches etc. Food was good, service was very good. The fries were great, had to get a second order!

Stopped in recently for an early dinner, one of my favorite places to grab a quick bite to eat in the area. As always, food was absolutely delicious! Despite the number of customers coming in and out, the staff made sure to keep the place clean and in order. Each time I have dined in at this location, the Manager has always come over to check if everything was going well with my experience there and this time was no exception. I truly appreciated the wonderful food, clean restaurant space, and warm reception by the staff. Highly recommend coming here for some quality food and service!


Love this place, combo dish of chicken and beef, salad and rice is the best. Great value! Gyros are big and cheap.

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