Yemen & Gulf Restaurant Maryland 2024 Amazing Restaurant

"Discover the Richness of Yemeni and Gulf Cooking at Yemen & Gulf Restaurant"

Yemen & Gulf Restaurant Maryland Yemeni restaurant is very delicious and the price for service is very excellent.. All thanks to the creature restaurateur

Yemen & Gulf Restaurant Maryland

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.5
  • pricing: $
  • Yemen & Gulf Restaurant Maryland phone number: +14105375999

Yemen & Gulf Restaurant

Utterly delicious food. I definitely made a mistake ordering the salta in the August heat – it’s served boiling hot and the restaurant isn’t air conditioned – but it’s extremely tasty and served with a ludicrous amount of delicious bread. I ended up leaving the stew unfinished due to the heat but folded up the bread to take with me. Will definitely be back the next time I’m in Baltimore.

Yemen & Gulf Restaurant Maryland menuYemen & Gulf Restaurant menu

Found this place while exploring a new place with a different cuisine. When we reached the place we had a second thoughts seeing the place and the prices, but are very happy that we decided to try. The food was simply awsome and the portions were massive.

After placing the order, we were discussing among ourselves, that the quantity we ordered was less and we could try someother food joint but we were just overwhelmed. The staff is very friendly and polite. They serve a complimentary tea, must say its simply beautiful. We loved everything we had. The price point is nominal. After a very heavy meal we packed dinner before leaving. Will be going again soon. Strongly recommend this place.

If you’re wondering, yes this is one of those under the radar places. It’s amazing how absolutely delicious every single item was. We got the lamb Haneeth, Lamb Fahsa, and Chicken Kabsa. They brought out an extra soup and salad for us which was really considerate seeing as we ordered only three entrees and only one soup and one salad comes per entree and we were four people total.

The soup surprised me and blew my mind.. it’s aromatic and complex despite looking fairly simple. All the dishes are extremely flavorful and had many layers to them. The real Yemeni deal. Entrees come out super hot. I’d know bc I couldn’t help myself and devoured things while they were still piping hot.

Everything was fresh. Great portion sizes for the price. You will leave super full. The hospitality is also wonderful. The people working here are extremely kind and friendly. Don’t be a stranger, go in and take a seat because you’re in good hands.

Yemen and Gulf restaurant’s rice, lamb, and chicken offerings create a culinary experience that stands out. The fragrant rice is perfectly cooked, fluffy, and seasoned with a delightful blend of spices. The lamb, tender and flavorful, showcases a mastery of traditional preparation.

The chicken dishes are equally impressive, with well-marinated and succulent pieces. The restaurant captures the essence of Yemeni and Gulf cuisine, providing a rich and satisfying dining experience. The authenticity and quality of their rice, lamb, and chicken make this establishment a commendable choice for those seeking a taste of genuine Gulf flavors.

The food here was AMAZING and we got so much. We didn’t pick up that it’s a family style restaurant, so we really could have split 2 entrees or 1 entrees and an appetizer for our table of 4. The leftovers kept really well and I got to eat them a few more times. Will be back soon!

This isn’t a fancy restaurant, so if you’re expecting a fine dining atmosphere, this isn’t that kind of place. Get take out. For a casual meal with friends or quick lunch, I super recommend this place 

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