Zingerman’s Delicatessen Restaurant Michigan 2024 ( Prices + menu + location )

"Zingerman's Delicatessen: Where Every Bite Is an Adventure"

Zingerman’s Delicatessen Restaurant Michigan Locals line up for generous deli sandwiches at this funky, longtime market with specialty groceries.

Zingerman’s Delicatessen Restaurant Michigan

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.6 
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Zingerman’s Delicatessen Restaurant Michigan phone number: +17346633354

Zingerman's Delicatessen Restaurant Michigan

This is a cool little deli shop with a lot of boutique pantry items and cured meat/cheese. It was definitely a cool experience. The sandwich, specially their famous Reuben was generously sized and excellent. No complaints about the sandwich. We also tried the Tarb’s Tenacious Tenure (turkey) sandwich and it was also very good.

Menu Zingerman's Delicatessen Restaurant MichiganMenu Zingerman's Delicatessen MichiganZingerman's Delicatessen Restaurant MenuZingerman's Delicatessen Restaurant Michigan Menu

Zingerman’s is much more than just an Ann Arbor institution.

These guys have transcended the traditional deli experience by innovating and delivering a uniquely refreshing culinary experience.

The place still maintains the charm and quality of a world-class old-school deli rivaling the likes of Katz’s or Langer’s, but where they separate themselves is their innovative & inclusive approach to food and the culinary arts. They’ve cultivated a welcoming and unpretentious environment in which one feels encouraged to experience foods from different cultures of the world that would otherwise feel unapproachable.

Everyone working here is passionate about what they do and it is definitely reflected in the quality of the service and products they offer.

An absolute must-visit destination.

If it’s your first time, you must order the Zingerman’s Reuben. The corned beef is incredible and the the Rye bread is the stuff of dreams. In fact, if you get one thing here, it should be a loaf of bread.

Other than that, order anything on the menu and you won’t be disappointed.

Of course, be sure to get a slice of the pecan pie before you leave. It’s life-changing.

This famous deli did not disappoint! The food is amazing! The service was good. For atmosphere, it’s not a place where you sit and eat for atmosphere because it’s kind of cafeteria style. We just got our food to go, and we all loved it!

Best pastrami sandwich/reuben I have ever had!!! The pumpernickel was amazing! I have heard about this deli for decades and finally went (live in Southern California, so we visited on our way back to the airport). I could eat this sandwich every day! Yummy and worth the trip!

My recent visit to Zingerman’s was an absolute delight from start to finish. Nestled in the heart of Ann Arbor, this popular sandwich shop exceeded all expectations with its mouthwatering offerings.
I opted for the Cuban Conundrum and it did not disappoint. The generous portions of premium meats and cheeses were expertly layered between two slices of artisanal bread, resulting in a symphony of flavors and textures with every bite.

Absolutely DELICIOUS! This place is awesome. The food is excellent and it’s a cool experience too! It’s stocked with unique items that are fun to look through while you wait. The hustle and bustle of everything going on around you is an experience in and of itself!

At this location (can’t speak to the other locations) check the sandwich wait time before you go. We didn’t know about that, it was a 75-85 minute wait for sandwiches but oh was it worth the wait. We ordered online, walked around the block a little, came back and looked through all the cool stuff inside the shop and it went by quick! Our sandwiches were SO GOOD! Mine was just as great as cold leftovers too. We will definitely be back, and are happy to wait out that 75-85 minute sandwich wait time again!!


This Restaurant was located in a quaint little place, in Ann Arbor. It serves everything from mouth watering sandwiches, delicious desserts and so much more. The staff were so friendly and welcoming, especially Teresa. She was a greeter, like a tour guide. She helped us order, get acquainted with this phenomenal place. We will definitely go back. I was between appointments

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