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Amin’s Chinese Halal Food New Jersey 2024 Amazing Restaurant

"Experience Chinese Cuisine, Halal Certified at Amin's"

Amin’s Chinese Halal Food New Jersey The food is good the BEST Chinese restaurant food too me…Quick, affordable and really good.

Amin’s Chinese Halal Food New Jersey

  • Rating of 5 stars:  4.3 
  • pricing: $
  • Amin’s Chinese Halal Food New Jersey phone number: +19739266150

Amin's Chinese Halal Food New Jersey

Still the champs at the Chinese food game, they’ll have you in and out too. Try their barbecue or sesame chicken wings and shrimp fried rice.

A selection of halal Chinese dishes whipped up in compact, no-frills surroundings.

Good food. Quick service. Authentic Chinese take out that’s halal. My favorite dish is the general tso chicken. So good. Will come back again

Amin's Chinese Halal Food New Jersey menu

Best Chinese food I’ve ever had. You can actually taste the freshness and effort put in by the cooks. This will be my GoTto Chinese restaurant in NJ.

This is my favorite Chinese food place! 1. Because it is Halal, and Im still not eating pork. 2. The food is so good! I’ve yet to have something that I did not enjoy. The place does have about two or three booths but I would not not advise using it a sitting area to eat my food after purchased. It is definitely a take out restaurant. Area is a little sketchy as all good food comes from, lol. So in Newark? Passing through? Stop by and grab something to go. Literally at the side of 78.

I just found out about these guys a little while ago, I only knew about the branch on Tonelle Ave. They offer the same great service, but no place to dine in. Take aways only. Also they accept cash only, so beware before you head over.

Worth venturing into the hood. This is some damn good food. Heads up, they don’t have an ATM and don’t take cards. If you are not from around that way, you don’t really want to venture across the street to the liquor store or even worse the corner store to have to use the ATM. CALL and place your order ahead or you will be in for a wait for at least half hr

Probably the best place to pick up halal Chinese food in NJ. No dine in. I love their sesame chicken, their lo mein is amazing but on the oily side. Their pepper stake is delicious, and their beef & broccoli as well. The neighborhood is a bit sus but the Muslims I randomly bump into when I pick up my food are warm and friendly.

I have been going to this places for more than 10 years. Absolutely love the food here. Always fresh and hot and the food taste different than regular chinese food. I highly recommend! Don’t skip on the egg roll!

This is the first halal Chinese food experience I’ve ever had. This cash-only establishment has fresh food and competitive prices. The staff isn’t very friendly and they’re always in some kind of hurry. The restaurant is dated and not very welcoming and there is no dining area. The quality of food and its flavors make up for their other shortcomings. I will return, but with lower expectations.


Best Halal chinese food in New Jersey. Very fresh, tasteful and generous amount of portions. Neighborhood is kind of rough if you are not familiar with it. The only con is they take cash only but luckily there is an atm across the street.

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