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Biriyani Kabob House restaurant 2024 Amazing food

"Biriyani Kabob House Restaurant: Where Spice Meets Flavor"

Biriyani Kabob House restaurant one of the best Desi food i had in the USA. Its more like home cooked food. Must visit if u love Indian/Pakistani food

Biriyani Kabob House restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.1
  • pricing: $$$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Biriyani Kabob House restaurant phone number: +12133843570

Biriyani Kabob House

I got the Hyderabadi lamb shank biryani. It was so flavorful and the portion was generous. The fresh mint was really nice. The service is really straightforward and direct— a kind of get-straight-to-the-point type of service. I would definitely come back to try some of the other dishes. I had the pleasure of dining at Biriyani Kabob House restaurant, and it was a delightful experience from start to finish.

The service was exceptional, with the staff being friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. They made us feel like honored guests. Now, let’s talk about the food – it was a culinary masterpiece. The lamb kebabs were juicy and perfectly seasoned, and the mantu dumplings were a revelation.

The flavors in every dish were bold and authentic, showcasing the rich heritage of Afghan cuisine. The ambiance was warm and inviting, with Afghan decor creating a cozy atmosphere. It’s a place where you can relax and savor the flavors of Afghanistan. In summary, this restaurant offers a perfect trifecta of outstanding service, delicious Afghan cuisine, and a charming ambiance. I can’t wait to return and try more of their delectable dishes!

Biriyani Kabob House MenuBiriyani Kabob House restaurant MenuMenu Biriyani Kabob House

We went to this place on May 20 after hearing about their authentic Pakistani food from a friend of ours. The seating and the environment was a bit like a fast food restaurant.

We ordered the Mixed Grill (combination of chicken and beef kabob), Lamb Chops, Hyderabadi Lamb Biriyani and Keema Naan. It took a while for the food to show up, but when it did, the food was much better than what we were expecting. The Mixed grill and Lamb Chops smelled and tasted incredible. The Biryani we ordered was with Lamb Shank and tasted very good as well. The Keema Naan was also beyond what I would have thought it would be.

We were looking for an authentic desi food, and loved it. The place or ambience is a fast food place one, more for a carry out orders. . We ordered Goat Paya curry, Goat biryani, Chicken biryani, naan, mango lassi( really tasty), and Mixed grill. The proportion size is great. Courtesy of the owner, Karim bhai was superb, served us complimentary Ras malai. Their chai is good too. They have fresh samosas too. Tomas at the front cashier counter is also a kind lady. Overall, great experience.

It’s one of our favorite Indian/south Asian food restaurant. And I’m so glad they get survived during Covid. The business is very good. We came in quite late around 9:30pm and they had many customers having the dinners and also some takeaways. Waiting time is not too bad. 10-15mins, you can get your meal. No particular service, more like self service. So just feel free to take care of yourself.

We ordered biriyani, lamb curry with naan and mango lassi. The naan is super fresh and delicious. You have to try it. They make it after you order to make sure it’s fresh. And biriyani is the best one. If you have Covid health measure issue, they also have the tables outside of the restaurant.

I have a mission to find halal restaurants while living in LA. So searching on Google and Delivery Apps brought me here. The owner is kind, giving a suggestion menu. The eating portion is just right for me as Asian, not too big yet not too less either. Atmosphere is good, they have seats, but not a lot. You probably can’t rest more than 10-15 minutes after finishing a lunch / dinner because you need to give the seats to the next customers (it’s understandable). After all it’s great!


The most important thing is quality of food. It is delicious I have ever tried Indian food. I ordered chicken dam biriyani, lamb dam biriyani and mixed grill(chicken tandori, beef). I like more chicken biriyani.

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