Egyptian Street Food Washington DC

Egyptian Street Food Washington DC  Absolutely love this place! I get the Koshary Bowl every time because I grew up in Cairo and it tastes like home!! 😭😭Whenever I’m stressed or have something to celebrate, I have to stop by this place!

  • Name : Egyptian Street Food Restaurant
  • Worktime : , 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Type : Egyptian food restaurant
  • Assessment : 4.3
  • Prices : $
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Egyptian Street Food Washington DC Address :

1309 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002،

Egyptian Street Food Washington DC Phone number :


Best seller :


. Great salads, quinoa,

bowl and falafel sandwich

Egyptian Street Food Restaurant  Menu :

Egyptian Street Food Restaurant  Menu

Visitors’ Comments :

Comment 1 :

Woah. We ordered takeout from here not expecting much and wow! True Egyptian flavors, everything was well made and unique. The owner delivered the order herself. It was truly extraordinary food. We now rave about it to everyone we meet.

Comment 2 :

I shared a bowl with my girlfriend and we loved it! The serving was large enough that we could take it home for lunch the next day. Definitely will come again.
Surprised with how good this is. I’ve had homemade lebanese food and this rivals it. Everything is well seasoned, nothing is bland, which is hard to say for these kind of places.
The food and especially the service provided by Terri at Union Market is fantastic. I have reccomend the food to all my co workers. Thanks Fava Pot and Terri.

Comment 3 :

The food is good but the prices. $7 for a small hummus. The fava beans tasted a bit like canned beans and a was more lemony than expected. The knafeh was nice but again the price.
My first time having Kushari was in Cairo so I was really curious to see how this would measure up. No disappointment here! The flavor is popping. Friggin nostalgia right now 🤤 THANK YOU!

Comment 4 :

Everything was delicious. Stuffed grape leaves, hummus and iced mint lime tea.
Best Egyptian food in the DMV. Authentic food, fresh ingredients, lots of flavor, and vegan-friendly. Koshary bowl and falafel sandwich are must tries!

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