The Parthenon Restaurant Indiana 2024 Delicious Restaurant

"The Parthenon Restaurant: Indiana's Gateway to Greek Cuisine"

The Parthenon Restaurant Indiana Everything is AMAZING!!! The food was soooo delicious and the hospitality was great. Highly recommended.

The Parthenon Restaurant Indiana

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.2
  • pricing: $$
  • The Parthenon Restaurant Indiana phone number: +13172281111

The Parthenon Restaurant

Best authentic food in a awhile. Service and staff were friendly and great. We had the buffet, and it was simple, but phenomenal to say the least. Lamb meat was soft and seasoned just right, sauces and gravies were perfect, and the home made lemonade is to die for. I really enjoyed the gyro and Greek potatoes I brought recently there. The staff was polite and the food came out in a nice amount of time. I will definitely go back for the gyros and potatoes.

The Parthenon Restaurant Indiana menuThe Parthenon Restaurant menumenu The Parthenon Restaurant Indiana

Fantastic food, not great service. They seemed pretty scattered and unsure of who had been served or who had ordered, but in their defense, my visit was during Covid-19 and they were also fielding alot of takeout and delivery service orders … Great atmosphere in this family owned restaurant! The quality of food is always consistently great! The service is very hospitable and accommodating. You can really feel comfortable dining here. I go often. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Ordered the Athens special, no meat. Everything on the plate was delicious. It comes with two grape leaves but we ate one before the picture. It was good. The egg plant was very soft with a sweet flavor. The rice was perfect, and the sauce on the green beans was mildly spiced.

Spanakopita is always good, and they did a good job of it. The salads are the only thing that was slightly disappointing. I prefer a lot of parsley in my tabbouleh, and this one was lacking. The Greek salad was a classic flavor…who doesn’t love feta. We didn’t care so much for the greens they used. Something other than a head of lettuce would be nice.

I love all Mediterranean food, but this place really was good. We had a sampler platter and the hummus was creamy and smooth, the babaganouj exactly how my wife likes it (Smokey) and a great mix of mint and other flavors in the tabbouleh.

The falafel was different than I’m used to but still good. The lamb kebab dish was perfect for what I wanted this day – no sticks to pull the lamb off, but still tender and grilled tasting, and the rice was a good complement. I also love their take on a Fattoush salad with large chunks of cucumbers and tomatoes.

This was my first time dining in. I’ve had their food delivered a couple times and it was always yummy so I was confident that it would be amazing in store. I really like the vibe they set in there. We ordered apps but they brought every thing out at the same time with the exception of the salad that came with the meal.

We split the Gyro platter with was more than enough for two. We also ordered the Greek fries and two spanakopitas. Just as I hoped everything was hot and tasty. My only criticism is that I live there to be a little more texture around the edges of my gyro meat. I will be returning!


Always a good take-out experience. My wife and I have vastly different tastes, and we can both find something we love from their menu. The staff is always friendly as well.

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