Blackbird Restaurant Montana 2024 ( Prices + menu + location )

"Discover Excellence at Blackbird Restaurant"

Blackbird Restaurant Montana This is one of my favorite restaurants in downtown Bozeman. I really enjoyed dining here as everything I had was delicious. 

Blackbird Restaurant Montana

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.6 
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Blackbird Restaurant Montana phone number: +14069201751 

Blackbird Restaurant Montana

This place is truly outstanding. Thin crust, great olive oil, fantastic antipasti. High ceilings, candles and curtains create a very unique and cozy atmosphere. The wine selection is also quite impressive. Highly recommended.

I have 3 words for you… Wood. Fired. Oven. *drool* Mouthwatering flavors in every dish. I love sitting at the bar overlooking the kitchen and watching the magic happen.

This talented team serves up deliciousness dish after dish. The pizzas are absolutely incredible, the meatballs and fresh bread in marinara is *chef’s kiss* and the drinks are delicious. Make sure Blackbird is on your list when dining in Bozeman.

Blackbird Restaurant Montana menumenu Blackbird Restaurant Montanamenu Blackbird Restaurant

My daughter and I arrived and were seated at the bar immediately. It’s a cute farmhouse, open kitchen atmosphere with cozy candle light. The menu is approachable with standard ingredients from Italian staples. We ordered the Housemade Burrata, the Cauliflower (not listed in the online menu), and the Tagliatelle.

Every dish was heavy with complex sauces often covering the “star” ingredient. The tagliatelle was not packing a huge flavor punch. Overall I felt the menu was overpriced. All that said, the service was excellent, the food was good (not great), and the atmosphere was very quaint.

Ah, the delightful culinary haven that is Blackbird, situated in the charming town of Bozeman. One cannot help but be captivated by the masterful cuisine that graces the palates of its patrons. The dishes, without exception, are of the highest caliber, expertly crafted by the skilled hands of their chefs. I must confess, however, that the bread stands out as a personal favorite of mine. Its enchanting aroma and flavors beckon me with every visit.

The marinara sauce, a seemingly humble offering, boasts a symphony of flavors that dance upon the taste buds. It is an essential accompaniment to any meal at this esteemed establishment.

As the night unfolds, one cannot help but be entranced by the mellifluous sounds of the jazz trio that graces the dining room with their soulful performance. Their music is the very essence of conviviality, infusing the atmosphere with an effervescent charm.

In the midst of its bustling popularity, Blackbird maintains a certain level of intimacy, ensuring that those who choose to dine alone are graciously accommodated. The bar top seating is an inviting option, offering patrons an intimate and engaging dining experience.

The open kitchen layout adds a touch of theatricality to the evening, allowing guests a glimpse into the world of culinary artistry that unfolds behind the scenes. The atmosphere is positively electric, a testament to the restaurant’s passion and dedication to its craft.

And to complete this symphony of the senses, Blackbird offers a remarkable wine menu, carefully curated to complement and elevate each dish. It is, without a doubt, an essential part of the experience.

In sum, a visit to Blackbird in Bozeman is an absolute must for any discerning gastronome. The triumvirate of delectable cuisine, mellifluous music, and a spirited atmosphere makes it a truly unforgettable dining experience.

A great eatery for the evening especially for the weekend. We didn’t have to wait long for our table but while we waited, we were serviced by the bar. The ambience exuded chill vibes and good vibrations. Our waitress was attentive and easily assisted us on how we should end our evening in terms of beverages & food. Eager to try other items on menu. What a grand ending to our exploration on Main Street.

The ambiance and people were great. I had the mostarda pizza and some beautiful bubbly. The flavors of the oven-fired pizza were exquisitely, mixed…thin, crispy authentic crust, cheese, jam, and fresh arugula… Baked in a warm oven on a cold night. Downtown Bozeman is fortunate to have you!!

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