Fatsos Last Stand restaurant 2024 Delicious Hot dog

Fatsos Last Stand: A Delicious Legacy

Fatsos Last Stand restaurant A perfect restarant. Outstanding hamburgers hot dogs polish sausage chicken tenders and French fries. Tremendous outside picnic eating patio. Super customer service. Attend!!

Fatsos Last Stand restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars:  4.4
  • Dining options: BrunchLunchDinnerCateringCounter serviceDessertSeating
  • Worktime: 11:00am-912:00pm
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Fatsos Last Stand restaurant phone number: +17732453287

Fatsos Last Stand restaurant

Great for a quick bite. The food is greasy – but that’s a part of the beauty. Service is quick and prices
are pretty good too.
Best char dog in Chicago. So many places have tried to make it in this spot over the last 20 yrs and this is the only one that stuck around because the hot dogs and burgers are truly awesome! Can’t go wrong with either. Also the patio is a nice touch!
Burgers at its finest! Very affordable prices but so much flavor and huge portions! I added on an egg and bacon to my double cheeseburger but I think I could’ve done without an egg because the whole burger was already so delicious and rich as is. One of my top burger places in Chicago!

Fatsos Last Stand restaurant Menu 

Fatsos Last Stand restaurant Menu 
Classic Chicago hot dog stand with all of the standards I’d expect of such a place. Everything is char grilled, so don’t go expecting steamed red hots. The location itself has limited seating inside. But there is a large patio outside, weather permitting. Absolute must try for any chicago hot dog lover.
A very interesting find in the city. The atmosphere is like an indoor hot dog stand with few places to sit but most people take it to go. The food was outstanding. Full of flavor and you definitely get your money’s worth. Will go

I came from AZ to Chicago for work and all I wanted to do while I was here was see the “bean” and eat a legit Chi town hotdog! I think I got the experience! The dog and chili were delicious and I devoured it all. The only thing I wasn’t expecting was how the small the dogs were.

I was thinking they’d be jumbo… flavor was all there tho!! Everything was great. I got a charred dog with everything and homemade cheese tots. SO GOOD. A couple spots inside to eat, tables outside (where we sat). Food comes out decently fast and hot a I can absolutely see why it stayed consistently busy

This is undoubtedly my new favorite hotdog in Chicago. I love that the dog is charred and not steamed like many other stands. Sooo much more flavorful! Can’t wait to visit again from St. Louis! I love Fatsos. Low key, chill, and delicious burgers. If you like your burger well done make sure you tell them that or else you’ll have a little pink in the middle. Outside patio is nice in the summer.

Great food but a little pricey. First time here and the atmosphere was decent. Waiting area is a little crowded but there is room outside to wait when the weather is nice. The front of the counter is filled with magnets for free which I thought was pretty cool. Our food was made fresh to order. The size of the burger for $6 is not what I expected. I thought it’d be bigger.

However what it lacks in size it makes up for in taste. It was amazing! The fries were so good and they don’t skimp on them. I believe the sign said it’s 1lb of fries. My son said the chicken tenders were good too. I’d definitely go back.

finally Definitely a place worth stopping by, the food is great and fresh, the pricing is affordable and it is always well organized there. Highly recommended Fatsos Last Stand restaurant

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