Royal Kebab Persian Cuisine restaurant Missouri 2024 Beautiful food

"Savor the Exotic Flavors of Persia at Royal Kebab in Missouri"

Royal Kebab Persian Cuisine restaurant Missouri Chicken kebab sandwhich and fries is delicious. The portions are large , prices are fair, and the staff is very friendly

Royal Kebab Persian Cuisine restaurant Missouri

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.4 
  • pricing: $
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  • Royal Kebab Persian Cuisine restaurant Missouri phone number: +13145719971

Royal Kebab Persian Cuisine restaurant Missouri

This restaurant is the best Persian cuisine in the city under new management! Fast, friendly, delicious, clean, affordable, and authentic! They have sour yogurt for sale which is awesome. They have vary good baklava. Recommend for family and friends gathering. I live faraway, but definitely worth it to go there!

… xcellent meat pies called Sambosas. Delicious gyro salad, steak and chicken kebab platter and kebab sandwich.

Menu Royal Kebab Persian Cuisine MissouriMenu Royal Kebab Persian Cuisine restaurant MissouriRoyal Kebab Persian Cuisine restaurant MenuRoyal Kebab Persian Cuisine restaurant Missouri Menu

The pros of Royal Kebab are that the restaurant has a very homely feel and leaves you at ease when ordering. Despite not being local food, the menu is easy to understand and their kebabs especially lamb and chicken are very tender, succulent, and grilled to perfection.

The place definitely needs more recognition despite a limited menu because they know their food and provide you with excellent quality meat. Also, their food is halal which is a huge plus for Islamic followers since they don’t have as many options available in and around St Louis.

After moving from NJ it was pretty difficult to find a halal restaurant with good food and reasonable prices. Royal Kebab was all that. The food was beyond amazing and came really quick. We got a mixture of their kebab platters, appetizers, and sandwiches. Each and every dish had such a unique taste to it. They were served to us at the perfect temperature and they smelled great. It’s a nice little restaurant and the staff is amazing! Very kind, respectful, and helpful. Would definitely come here again and one hundred percent recommend!


I’ve been meaning to try this place for a year, I’ve driven past it daily since I moved to the area. I ordered a gyro tonight and it was the best I’ve ever had. The meat taste, texture and seasoning was perfect. The bread was great (soft inside with crisp crust) and they loaded the sandwich with fresh veggies.

People were friendly, definitely mom & pop (seemed family owned). For the portion size and quality of the food the value was great. I will be back again. Probably regularly. Everything I saw come out of the kitchen to guests looked amazing.

Best sandwich in St. Louis. “Gyro sandwich” tomato red onion lettuce huge portion of lamb/beef wrapped in home made flat bread.6.99$ easily 2meals

Seeking exceptional flavor, freshness, presentation and prices? This foodie deems the divinity of the little-known but truly noteworthy Royal Kebab cuisine worth a trip down South Grand from any side of town or America. If you’re a first timer and eat meat, I highly recommend the chicken and kobideh dinner entree (>$10). It is served with delectable Turkish-style basmati rice, perfectly roasted peppers and tomatoes, and a side salad. If you’re famished and dining on a dime, try a kebab sandwich (>$5). These huge sandwiches are made on the best bread I’ve ever had (made in-house weekly) and the meats are tender and moist, but not the least bit greasy. I’ve never tasted kebab this good in the United States.


… only place that serves a very unique mix of Iranian/Azerbaijani/Turkish/Georgian cuisines. The gyro sandwiches taste like heaven.

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