The Mukase African Restaurant 2024 Beautiful African restaurant

The Mukase African Restaurant: A Taste of Africa

The Mukase African Restaurant Great place to have Ghanaian food. Portions are large and customer service is great. I didn’t have to wait long go get my order. And you can pay with card

The Mukase African Restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.0
  • Audience: Family friendly-Groups-Tourists-University students
  • Seating places:Kerbside pickupNo-contact deliveryDeliveryTakeawayDine-in
  • Dining options: BrunchLunchDinnerCatering
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Payments:  Debit cards -NFC mobile payments- Credit cards
  • The Mukase African Restaurant phone number: +17737547121

The Mukase African

The Waakye from this place is delicious rice, beans and shitto complements well together. The shitto is spicy and gives the meal that extra kick serving size is large enough for the price as well. It costs about $18 for a plate and you can pick your choice of meat including chicken, beef etc. You can order ahead for pickup

The Mukase African Restaurant Menu 

The Mukase African menuThe Mukase African Restaurant menu


Amazing West African food. I grew up in a Liberian household and the pepper soup here tastes just like my mother used to make. Great prices for the portions of food and very flavorful. This food is made with love

I keep telling my girl we’re going to leave her a review. First of all , not because she asked but because she deserves it! This food is amazing!! The food is Always fresh and the customer service is great. Me and my hubby went there one night for some quick take out for my birthday and ever since then I will travel for this food!! My husband loved the flavor but he couldn’t tolerate the spice, me on the other hand I love the spicy! Food is fire! It’s worth it!

This place has amazing African food. They asked me if I liked spicy food and man do they give you some spicy food if you want it. It was amazing. The portions are generous and everything is very flavorful. The lady who seated and served us was very friendly and made sure everything was good. Definitely will be coming back 5/19 Update: It seems like the food quality has dropped and the prices have gone up since I last came here. Food just isn’t good and I question what the point of the small pile of dry, hard spaghetti is. I don’t think I’ll be coming here any longer

Went to this The Mukase African Restaurant  this evening to pick-up! Let me tell you !! Wow!! The Waaye was spicy but delicious! Huge portions on everything ordered! I also had the fufu and the palmnut soap which was divine!  When I next visit Chicago I will be right there on their door ordering! Also the lady who brought the food out after taking my order was so nice!

I definitely will be back I’m legitimately blessed to live so close and so able to get their delicious, blazingly spicy food at my leisure. I’m a vegetarian, so if you, like me, might also be tempted as I foolishly did took look over their entrees and decide there’s not much for you, turn your gaze to the side dishes. Think of it as a tapas menu, and grab some waakye, banku, spinach without meet and/or fried plantains (among other options!) and have a feast you’ll find yourself craving again the next day.


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