Shareef’s House of Wraps Restaurant Maryland 2024 Amazing Restaurant

"Wrap Perfection Awaits at Shareef's House of Wraps in Maryland"

Shareef’s House of Wraps Restaurant Maryland Good location limited parking no handicap parking. Most food items are delicious but the spicy greens are too spicy could not eat them. The service/order was easy and fast. Waiting area is too small. Stay are friendly and professional.

Shareef’s House of Wraps Restaurant Maryland

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.3
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Shareef’s House of Wraps Restaurant Maryland phone number: +14102259111

Shareef's House of Wraps Restaurant

My friend had a taste for a seafood platter, so we came here. It came with yellow rice Broccoli peppers and onions Shrimp and Colossal crab meat. They went a little heavy on the sauce, but nonetheless it was good, and worth the money. See you guys next time! Shrimp wrap was pretty good… meal didn’t take long either….. sweet potato cream cheese pie was awesome…i would visit again

Shareef's House of Wraps Restaurant Maryland menu

Great food always busy. Try rotisserie wings. Warning wings available at specific time get there before that time wings will sell out. Folks will fight you for their wings. I can only say great things about Shareef’s the food is always on point. I’m big fan of the Salmon and Shrimp platter with extra sauce. You can’t go wrong with any of the wraps. Everytime I go to Shareef’s I keep checking out the Rotisserie chicken wings on display which I plan on tasting on my next visit.

They food is good to but they be so crown with all the people who wants the good wonderful food, the bowl dish is hot deelishis and it makes you want to come back and talk about what you have eating the last time you were there nice place to go get some food and enjoy yourself Okay so they are a little high but its totally worth it when you paying for substance and quality 10/10 def would recommend and their cookies be hitting

Alright let me tell you about this place called Shareef’s. They are hands down one of the best spots to eat in the city of Baltimore. They have premium meats . And the have fresh seafood and there dishes are made to order. Shareef caters to to everyone with there signature wraps.

they have grill chicken wraps salmon wraps shrimp wraps . You can also mix any meats that they serve in your wrap customizing it to your taste for the optimum experience.thry also have great sides to go with the selected protein you chose. The one thing you should know about Shareef’s is that the price is a little in the high side but the food speaks for itself. The portions are all there and you will be satisfied. A must go if you are in Baltimore.

Stopped here for lunch. It’s a carryout with no seating, but the food was on point. Got the chicken wrap and it came with chicken, rice. veggies and their sauce.. It was tasty. filling and it felt healthy. I’m sure it isn’t, but it seemed like it and I’ll take it. There’s decent parking there, though I think they park cars there so it’s never clear if you’re blocking someone in.


The food was excellent and well portioned. The staff could be a little more professional but I did not have a bad experience at all I definitely would recommend this place to anyone and the Sandtown Winchester area looking for delicious healthy food at a value price

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