ZAATAR Mediterranean Cuisine Maryland 2024 Amazing Restaurant

"ZAATAR: A Taste of Mediterranean Tradition in Maryland"

ZAATAR Mediterranean Cuisine Maryland Fantastic downtown spot for lunch. The seemingly endless free toppings are amazing and there are lots of delicious options for entrees. Everything is high quality and delicious!

ZAATAR Mediterranean Cuisine Maryland

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.4
  • Worktime:, 11 AM–3 PM / Saturday, Sunday Closed
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • ZAATAR Mediterranean Cuisine Maryland phone number: +14438737463

ZAATAR Mediterranean Cuisine

Delicious and light Mediterranean style food can be enjoyed here. We ordered the falafel plate with hummus, baba ganoush, pickles, and shredded cabbage, which also came with a plush and warm pita. We also tried the chicken plate with similar toppings. Everything was fresh and flavorful.

ZAATAR Mediterranean Cuisine MenuZAATAR Mediterranean Cuisine Maryland MenuMenu ZAATAR Mediterranean Cuisine Maryland

Excellent food and value! Thoroughly enjoyed my falafel plate. Highly recommend the hummus, babaganoush, salad, and garlic sauce. I had the regular falafel. They also offer spicy falafel (and meat options for other plates). Note that pita is $1 extra for plate, so total is $11 for plate with pita. Very efficient service.

Very limited seating area. Too much food! Never a bad thing though. Very good tasting lamb, all the toppings you want and no need for salt or pepper. Food was so flavorful and we’ll seasoned. Can’t wait to go back and try the falafel.

These sandwiches were so delicious!! We got a spicy falafel and a mixed shawarma pita and both were really tasty. The spicy sauce on the falafel was so flavorful and the portion size was amazing.

The mixed shawarma pita was stuffed full to the brim of chicken, lamb, and beef and it was incredible. The ratio of meat to toppings in the pita was like 4:1 and that’s how it should be!! The toppings that were in the pita were also very tasty – fresh, seasoned, and added the nice vinegar and crunch that was needed in the pitas.

I wish that the falafel was maybe a touch crunchier, but that definitely could be a result of transportation/delivery. The pita was also very good – soft, but it didn’t fall apart under all of the fillings inside. The two little containers had tahini and (we think???) some sort of tzatziki sauce The tahini was very standard – creamy, sesame-y, delicious. The tzatziki (again, no idea if it was actually tzatziki it just tasted of dill and herbs and so that was our first thought) was also flavorful, if a little thin. This was a great experience! I’m excited to try more of the menu.

This is probably my favorite lunch restaurant downtown! The food is truly delicious and the owners and staff are always so friendly and kind! Their falafel is so good, and it’s vegan which is awesome, and they have lots of great toppings and a couple vegan sauces too. Five stars, I love this place!

Always fresh, never miss, and it’s the healthiest you are going to get in that part of downtown after the pandemic.

Came here because of a friend’s recommendation, and it didn’t disappoint. Absolutely great shawarma! The beef pita shawarma was on point. All of my fellow diners loved their dishes. The plate portions are robust and the topping selections are numerous. Will definitely eat here again.


Ordered the falafel plate with a side of pita. Everything tasted delicious, flavorful, and healthy. Love being able to choose my own ingredients. A lot of people coming and going during lunch, which is a good sign. Service is good, fast and efficient. Prices are very reasonable especially for its downtown location.

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