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"Urban Skillet Restaurant: A City Dining Adventure"

Urban Skillet restaurant Good halal burger spot near universal studios, stopped by after a day there. The lettuce burger was more of a lettuce salad but still juicy and good. The hot dog was okay but nothing special and the wings were also good but nothing crazy. Overall a pleasant experience.

Urban Skillet restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.5
  • pricing: $$$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Urban Skillet restaurant phone number: +18188604096

Urban Skillet

Urban Skillet earns every bit of its five stars as the home of the best burgers in California! Each burger is a masterpiece, combining juicy, HALAL-certified meat with fresh, quality ingredients that create an explosion of flavor in every bite. The patties are grilled to perfection, the buns are always fresh, and the unique, house-made sauces add a delightful twist.

The atmosphere is hip and welcoming, making it a great spot for foodies and families alike. With its commitment to quality and taste, Urban Skillet is a true gem for anyone seeking a delicious, halal burger experience.

Urban Skillet restaurant Menu

Food was good, even delivered. The burgers are great, mac n cheese great and the shakes are good. The shakes are more expensive than some places and smaller bit taste better than most places. There are other places I would rather order shakes from. The burgers are a better value than other places, but still pricy. Not a weekly place, but once a month wouldn’t be bad. Would be a nice treat.

The Smac’n’Cheese and Eggcelent Morning are great but my fave is the Southern BBQ Burger is my fave. All have double patties which are decent sized, not tiny like others. Perhaps cooked a bit too much for my taste (i like medium rare). The buns are tasty, toasty and not huge in size.

The bacon is nice and tasty, not as crispy as I would like, but that may be from the aauce and cheese. Cheese is tasty, nice and melty. Some of the best Mac n Cheese I have had delivered. Most, the cheese cools, gets hard and doesnt taste anywhere near as good warm. Here the cheese stayed melty longer and the parts that cooled stoll tasted good.

Me and my family were visiting LA for the first time, and we found this great halal restaurant near the Santa Monica pier, we tried their (oh so hot) burger and the fries. I will give 5 stars to their food, service and atmosphere. I will definitely go again here. Atmosphere was great, it’s a clutch option for halal as there aren’t too many in the area. The burgers were amazing and the brisket mac-n-cheese wrap was a favorite.

I decided to try Urban Skillet out with the intention of trying out some awesome halal Korean-fusion burgers, ribs, and wings. However I soon found out that the restaurant has changed up a bit. Same name but instead of focusing on an array of Korean food, all their focus is on amazing gourmet burgers that are very fairly priced.

If you have any doubt that it’s halal—all that doubt is taken away and you’ll be reassured time and time again that everything here is 100% zabihah halal starting from the little chalkboard on the sidewalk to the halal sign next to the door to where you order food and even the kind and humble staff assures you of the restaurant’s very halal presence. My dad and I tried the Original and the Southern BBQ burgers.

Both were a bit too big for the both of us but really delicious. You can taste the freshness and it’s meat-to-fat ratio is on point. They pack a lot of beef into the patties unlike other halal burger places I’ve had.

There is a halal sign posted on the entrance and on the digital display. Verbally verified as well. They have beyond burger as well. Taste is good though price is average as in Hollywood city. Burgers are really juicy made our hands dirty with the sauce but worth it a try. Nice dining area as well. There is a metered street parking and off course Hollywood is always crowded so hard to find a spot in rush hours.


Small and cozy restaurant. Ordred the macncheese burger and sweet potato fries. Burger was amazing, well seasoned beef, and the fried onion ring + macncheese was an added flavour bomb. Sweet potatoe fries were really great as well. Well seasoned and the house sauce they added made it taste even better. Definitely a spot id come to again whenever i travel to LA again.

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