Aya Sofia Restaurant Missouri 2024 Beautiful food

"A Taste of Turkey in Missouri: Aya Sofia Restaurant" "J

Aya Sofia Restaurant Missouri One of the best tasting Turkish food in St.Louis. All the dishes are authentic with amazing flavor.

Aya Sofia Restaurant Missouri

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.4
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Aya Sofia Restaurant Missouri phone number: +13146459919

Aya Sofia Restaurant

Great Mediterranean food and friendly service!! Patio seating available. Parking space is tight but can find adjacent street space most of the time. Complimentary fresh bread tastes great. Kizartama (crispy egg plant) and fresh beets with goat cheese is a great starter to have with some red wine

. Wine selection is small though. Tavuk stew and chicken sis kabab are good size entree to have and have flavors which bare authentic Mediterranean style! Kadayif which is ricotta cheese and pistachio based dessert is mouth watering and nice way to finish the evening! Definitely worth a five star place if they ramp up the wine and cocktail selection.

Aya Sofia Restaurant Missouri MenuMenu Aya Sofia Restaurant MissouriAya Sofia Restaurant MenuMenu Aya Sofia Restaurant

What a wonderful New Year’s Eve experience! The appetizer trio was excellent, particularly the spinach and goat cheese in phyllo.

The butternut squash soup was delicately flavored with a nice hint of spice. My swordfish skewers were cooked to perfection, and the accompanying rice pilaf was a revelation. But my wife swore that her lamb and chickpea pasta was even better.

The baklava squares with warm honey poured over them were sent from heaven. Our server, Kim, was fantastic, and the overall hospitality and service were stellar.

Had a wonderful meal at Aya Sophia. The restaurant was crowded due to the upcoming holiday, however, the service and presentation of food was amazing.

The restaurant had quite a few larger parties and we were worried that we were going to run late to a concert we were attending after dinner. It was absolutely the best food, drinks, and timing! Our larger party had a wonderful time and everyone loved the food and service!

Aya is a wonderful experience for a night out with someone special.
Take your time sampling several usual and unusual appetizers, soups and salads before moving on to the main dishes offering anywhere from the humble doner sandwich reconstructed by the chef to the best of seafood and fine cuts of meat prepared with distinctly Aya Sofia’s take.
There are numerous vegetarian and vegan dishes to enjoy, as well.
One observation: their swordfish steak was overcooked and dry.
And talk about desserts perfectly accompanied with Turkish coffee. Irresistible!
We took the leftovers home. They tasted even better after steam reheating.
If it matters to you, they serve halal meats.
Be warned, it’s a bit pricey, but worth it.

I will preface with Food was very good. The service was fair. They were all nice but the boy bussing the table would take away food far too quickly when we were still eating it. He wouldn’t ask and he did it several times. He was very nice, but determined to clean that table! Paying was another struggle. They do not split a check more than 2 ways. They offered to split 3 ways, but it was overly complicated. Good food, fair service, but they were nice.
We had one person with a severe dairy allergy and one with gluten intolerance (not preference). They tried to accommodate but were not well informed of allergies


It’s a gem for Turkish cuisine in St. Louis. Loved the outdoor seating arrangement, fine wine and Turkish cuisine. Definitely recommend to couples, family and friends looking to spend quality evening with great tasting food and ambience. 

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