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"North Pond Restaurant: A Culinary Escape in the City"

North Pond Restaurant This was the first Michelin star restaurant I’ve ever experienced and it was amazing. Loved all the courses and would definitely recommend it! I went with a group of 3 other people and no one left feeling disappointed. The staff were all very knowledgeable and courteous as well – has definitely set higher standards for me while dining out now

North Pond Restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.6
  • pricing: $$$$
  • Menu: click Here
  • North Pond Restaurant phone number: +17734775845

North Pond Restaurant chicago

The execution was well done, but overall the flavors seemed a bit flat.  scallop was cooked nicely, the tomato gazpacho was refreshing for a summer evening, and the pork belly dish was the dish that stood out to me the most. The steak was a bit disappointing as the taste really didn’t stand out as much as I had hoped

Menu North Pond Restaurant

North Pond Restaurant chicago MenuMenu North Pond Restaurant chicagoMenu North Pond Restaurant


This place is quite an exquisite experience, nestled on the edge of Lincoln Park’s North Pond. Took my 93 yr old mother for her birthday and the staff made her feel like a queen. From the menu, customized with her name, to the intermittent course surprises compliments of the chef, the evening was like a fairytale. The menu holds a delightful and innovative medley of textures, colors and tastes; and the service is intuitive, efficient, polite, and accommodating. They are disability friendly, as well. This is the perfect special occasion dining experience.

We decided to try North Pond for my wife’s birthday and they did not disappoint. The menu was customized for the occasion. Food was amazing and there were little surprise dishes during the menu. The friendly staff was some of the best I’ve encountered dining out. I think we’ll make North Pond a tradition!!

Really amazing and creative food. It’s easy to see why they have run out of wall space to hang their Michelin stars! Waiter was extremely knowledgeable about both the food and the wine; I thought he was the sommelier at times. Lively crown and gorgeous views of the pond and Lincoln Park

An excellent experience. Went into North Pond for a dual birthday celebration and the attention to detail was superb. The flavors in the dishes were explosive, complicated, and cohesive. The atmosphere was cozy without trying to hard to be cool or edgy, which can often be the case at higher-end dining establishments. I would certainly recommend North Pond!

Amazing experience and fantastic food! I made a reservation for a surprise dinner to celebrate my sister’s masters. When we arrived, the menu even said her name! Location is picturesque, with a beautiful view of the city. Staff is fantastic, super attentive. Highly recommend


Great autumn menu. Love that you have choices for each course, and is great for a group of friends. The price is one of the more reasonable of the tasting menus and the service is second to none. You also can’t beat the atmosphere – cozy and beautiful view of the chicago skyline.

The wine pairing is definitely worth it and made the experience even more enjoyable. Chef was also accommodating of a gluten allergy for one of our guests

Our server was excellent for the valentines dinner Thursday night! We loved hearing the wine back stories and she was overall just so friendly and admirable. We enjoyed the entire menu except the venison. The lobster and fois Gras were our favorites and we will definitely be back! Perfect atmosphere for date night.

Tasting menu had some interesting dishes such as scallops with corn bread and mushrooms wheat spaghetti. I liked the steak & roasted eggplant the most. There are many courses but nothing really stood out to me as a Michelin star restaurant.

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