Tasty Halal Restaurant Connecticut 2024 Delicious Restaurant

"A Taste of the Middle East in Connecticut at Tasty Halal Restaurant"

Tasty Halal Restaurant Connecticut The food is very delicious and prices are super reasonable. It’s a family owned place and the owners are super nice and friendly.

Tasty Halal Restaurant Connecticut

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.1
  • pricing: $
  • Tasty Halal Restaurant Connecticut phone number: +12033454400

Tasty Halal Restaurant Connecticut

Tried biryani, chicken karahi, butter chicken and naan, they were all good! They have some delicious desserts as well. I LOVE this place! Everything is finger-licking delicious and the restaurateurs are very friendly. They’re always open to helping customers with menu suggestions which make the experience even better. They have some of the fluffiest naan I’ve ever had in my life.

They also have a good variety of rotating vegetarian dishes. I only wish they kept some of their previous menu items like the Mixed Grill and Chicken Malai Kabob. I have favorite dishes, but I want to go back and try some of their newer menu items. I think they hide the kulfi ice creams way in the back for people trying to diet or something, but my visit isn’t complete without my heavenly malai kulfi ice cream.

Tasty Halal Restaurant Connecticut menu

On my first order, I asked for biryani, chicken tikka, chana masala, naan, chicken makhni. Everything was tasty as the restaurant’s name discribe itself. Prices are little higher compair to the portion of the food. Anyway, welcome in the Bridgeport. This this my second review about this restaurant. No family spots, furniture need to bee clean after guests leave

Good food and reasonable price. Butter chicken and naan were good. Chicken was tender. Its not made as per order, all are premade. so they just warm it up and give you. They didnt warm the butter chicken, so it was cold when eating. I guess the turnover might be low in this area to make order fresh for each customer. I overlooked their flaws because it has been a long time eating a desi food, and it made me happy.

This is a hidden gem in the Fairfield county area. The dishes are all so tasty. No confusing long menus, but each item in the menu is authentic and tasty. And to top it off the service is friendly fitting for the home style food served. Spread the word. This place deserves all the attention. A family-run business making what is essentially home-cooked Subcontinental food. Each dish has its own flavor and texture (i.e., it doesn’t all taste the same). Five things we’ve tried stand out in particular: nihari beef (Pakistani beef stew), tandoori chicken (the moistest you’ve ever tried), naan and their basmati rice.

Love the food here. It is very tasty and it is not spicy like other restaurants but is full of flavors. I love spicy food if it’s not spicy then I don’t like it, however I was very surprised how this food was not spicy (in terms of chili) however tasty.

It is as if the combination of spices were perfect and the food was slow cooked. The chicken instantly melted in my mouth. Not all Curry will be to your liking since everybody have different taste so you just have to pick and choose the ones that you usually like. In my case all 4 currys I choose were excellent.


Simply a very good pakistani desi food restaurant.Fully recommend to visit.A variety of best dilicious food served here.  

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