Frontera Grill restaurant Chicago 2024 Delicious food

Mexican Gastronomic Adventure: A Journey through Frontera Grill

Frontera Grill restaurant Amazing place! It may look overpriced because of the location, but the service and the food are superb! The meat is of high quality, and the appetizers and desserts do not fall behind. It could be an actual Mexican restaurant that you go to in Mexico itself

Frontera Grill restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.4
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Frontera Grill restaurant phone number:+13126611434

Frontera Grill restaurant

The food was great. We had the Tortilla soup which is like a Mexican interpretation of French Onion Soup only with fewer onions, chicken broth and delicious rich Jack cheese. Then we had the Queso Fundido. The tortillas are great, wrap the cheese in them, some beautiful roasted peppers, and chorizo, and you have a tortilla bite made in heaven. The portion was bigger than I thought it would be for the 2 of us.

The crispy duck carnitas were excellent. The green salsa was not hot at first and then got really spicy. The skin on the duck was crispy and the meat fell off the bone. The salsa cooled the heat and the peppers were perfect. Great course. The also got the plantains which are our favorite. They are worth every cent and aren’t too sweet. The crema on them mixed with cotejo cheese is a perfect compliment. Great meal!

Frontera Grill restaurant Menu 

Frontera Grill Menu Frontera Grill restaurant Menu 

Food was absolutely delicious! Very flavorful and well put together. I gave 4/5 stars because they have added gratuity and the waiter tried to tell me that the added gratuity wasn’t a tip for him and that I am to tip on top of that… when I read the fine print on the receipt it clearly stated that the added charge was gratuity and that I am not expected to tip on top of it… Mind you I dined alone. Would’ve been fine if he didn’t try to tell me otherwise
I love that food comes in reasonable portion, given that many Mexican restaurants have huge portion of food. The soup was light yet tasty. I really like their individual sampler plate for appetizer. I also recommend their dessert, although the flan tastes very eggy, like a pudding. Our waiter was also knowledge and gave us a lot of recommendations. Enchiladas were a little disappointing. They were dry and hard to eat, I was expecting something more saucy
The ceviche is to die for….in the 30 years that I have visited Frontera, it has always been consistently fantastic. Their cocktails are great and the food is amazing. The servers are wonderful… If you are in Chicago. Frontera is a must Wasn’t expecting this cozy little place.
Food was incredible! I’ve never tasted fresher, more delicious Mexican food except in the streets of Mexico. Even the tortilla chips tasted as if the grew, harvested, & and ground their own corn. They treated us so nicely & even honored our son who just graduated Navy bootcamp. Icing on the cake was meeting Chef Bayless himself.

Everything I expected and more! Food and service was outstanding! The manager Maria Coterra gave us a private tour after lunch and it was special. We’re from Castroville TX visiting Chicago and have followed the owner Rick Bayless career for years. We very grateful for the special treatment. FRONTERA is a class act! Our waiter Aaron helped set up the VIP treatment and did an AWESOME job during our lunch! MUCHOS GRACIAS! VAMOS

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