Darbo Restaurant 2024 amazing food

Indulge in Excellence: Darbo Restaurant's Culinary Creations

Darbo Restaurant This is a very small restaurant, but it’s very good, too. They specialize in goat, rice and a tasty blend of spices and veggies. They have non-meat options and serve pineapple juice instead of water. There service is very quick
  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.5 
  • pricing: $$
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  • Darbo Restaurant phone number: +16144758004

Darbo Restaurant

Minimally decorated eatery serving traditional African dishes such as curries & stews.

Best Somalian and Italian food.
Great customer service.
Very tasty and homely food . Very large portions.
Liban and his wife will be there to help.
Recommend this place.
Must try
Beef steak and rice.
Chicken and rice, it comes with soup and salad.
Goat and rice.
(Soup and tea is self serve.)

Menu Darbo RestaurantDarbo Restaurant Menu

Very nice restaurant if you never been here you may think that the customer service is inattentive but that’s most likely your lack of the cultural experience. Somali food is so good. The rice and goat is top notch, the chicken steak and rice is good, the pasta is good. The home made hot sauce is good. The soup broth is good. The tea is good.

Be open minded and patient and the food will be worth it. Generous portions.

Family feel to the restaurant. Highly recommended.

This was my first time trying Somali food, and it was very good! The tea was also really good! The owner is a very friendly person and will help you out if you are unsure what to order.

I adore this place. The staff is always welcoming and the food is AMAZING. The chicken kalankal, the chapati, the soup (OMG) and tea when you are dining in-house are free and the BEST ever. The salmon is an amazing proportions and so tender. Plus they serve the most amazing pineapple juice and bananas with your meal for free as well. The green sauce….so fresh and deliciously spicy. Such good people to dine with! Thank you Leban!!!

This place was amazing!! My first time and it wasn’t so bad. This is traditional Somali food so be prepared for people to eat with their hands!! It’s not strange it’s their culture and the people are nice and polite! They came to out table …

The food is always hit! FREE TEA N& SOUP AVAILABLE EVERYDAY. Fresh ingredients and I haven’t been dissatisfied yet. Cozy atmosphere with great companythus is the best placeto share a Meal!

Got the chicken, rice, salad dish. Food was fantastic and got a ton of it for $10. The chef could tell it was my first time there and came out with tea/soup, and a sample of a different meat dish. He was very nice. Don’t expect fancy dining, but when the foods is good, who cares? FYI I’m typing this at 2:51am eating the leftovers. Thank you for sharing your delicious food with us!


Excellent food and super friendly staff. We had the chicken and rice as well as the lamb and rice and both were fantastic. Full of flavor and you get massive portions. The pineapple juice was an excellent touch as well. 10/10 would recommend.

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