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The White Castle Experience: A Journey Through Flavor

White Castle restaurant One of the best White Castles around only because the management kicks Thanks so much butt

White Castle restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 3.7
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • White Castle restaurant  phone number: +13122269472

White Castle restaurant chicago

Fast-food chain serving signature beef, chicken & fish sliders, plus extras such as onion rings.

The Original Slider, Impossible Slider with Cheese, Hamburger Sliders Clutch Case, Chicken Ring Slider, Sandwich, Waffle, 20 PC Chicken Rings, Fish Slider, Jalapeño Cheese, Share a Crave Crate, Sliders, Ultimate Craver Party Pack Meal, Chicken Breast Slider, Cheese Sliders, Bottled Water, 15 15 Crave Case Cal 4650-4950, Monster Energy Cal 210, Sausage Breakfast Slider Cal 350-360, Crave Case Cal 4200-4500, Chicken Ring

Menu White Castle restaurant

White Castle restaurant MenuMenu White Castle restaurant chicagoMenu White Castle restaurant


The service at this restaurant is very awesome to see the way the employee who seem to be heading the crew tonight was so communicative with his crew and with the customers and it was a very smooth process for how packed they were they were just nonstop around the building and they provide great service and the food is fresh they fired it up as soon as I got there and I recommend you chose to dine with this location. Big kudos

We have a building on rossevelt and California. I can’t go over there without stopping at White Castle… Those little bits of onion and a slice of pickle set off the mini burgers and the fries are always fresh and crispy. Great service, fast, friendly, and safety protocol’s in place. If you’re in the area and haven’t tried White Castle before, it’s a must try spot for you.
At 1am on a Monday morning, with 6 cars in front of me in the drive-thru, I figured I’d be in line forever; but I had my order in about 12 minutes and it was correctly made. I don’t know what the employees do on other shifts, but the overnight crew is on point!
Get the night Castle meal! It’s a mobile order with the app! Only available from 9pm-3am, it comes with 2 burgers, your choice of med fries, 6pc chicken rings, or 3pc mozzarella sticks with a drink. Definitely recommended
It’s White Castle, how can it not be 5 stars!! Fast service, and the young gentlemen working the window had a great attitude for being there on a Saturday at midnight. The food was good as always.
Great overnight team and Manger !! They work well together everyone was professional even during a rush. Plus to mention the food was good fresh n hot! Thanks so much

Who doesn’t like white castle? After the club, for lunch, or grab a cravings box, perfect combination of onions, pickles and Patty on a dinner roll. Fries are always hot and fresh. My Son takes them plain, kids palate… Stop in when you are in the area, you won’t be disappointed.

This was my first time stopping by this white Castle & the guy who took my order was very polite, & reread my order back to me, then placed them into seperate bags, then waited to see was everything fine with our order. I love s place that wants to make sure my order is just as I order it & the cook even came to make sure everything was ok. You get a good review from me


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