Uncle Mikes Place restaurant Chicago 2024 Amazing restaurant

Discover the Best Filipino Cuisine at Uncle Mike's Place

Uncle Mikes Place restaurant A very nice place to eat. It’s cozy and comfortable. Mike is very nice and friendly guy .and the steak and eggs were awesome

Uncle Mikes Place restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.7
  • pricing: $$
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  • Uncle Mikes Place restaurant phone number: +13122265318

Uncle Mikes Place restaurant

Steak and Tocino Breakfast, Garlic Fried Rice, Baby Bangus & Longanisa Combo, Combo Plate
Amazing Filipino breakfast open extra early and so hearty and filling. Everything tasted amazing and was cooked/flavored to perfection.

The service is always amazing. The food delicious. If I can recommend the bangus (milk fish) and the vinegar sauce it comes with you’ll be pleased. It’s a hearty and filling breakfast/brunch to kick off the day. I’ve been coming for 5 years and have yet to have a bad meal or experience here. It feels like I’m eating in my grandma’s kitchen

Menu Uncle Mikes Place restaurant

Menu Uncle Mikes Place restaurant chicagoMenu Uncle Mikes Place restaurant


Food was good even though the portion was almost too big for breakfast but can’t really complain on that. Out of everything I order I like the complimentary (Lugaw) porridge the most! It was light but packed with flavor of ginger, garlic and a bit of lemon! I enjoy the no frills laidback atmosphere of the place.

Went in on a Sunday and was able to get a table without reservations is a plus to my experience! While here you should try the tasty Filipino favorites that you can’t get anywhere else. The breakfast meal come with Congee with garlic as a starter, the meal comes with garlic rice, chocolate rice pudding? and eggs

so good so yummy & 10/10 service!! went at 9am ish on a Saturday & didn’t have to wait, was filling out quickly as we were eating. love the combo option to try different things, would’ve loved for the garlic rice to have a stronger garlic flavour & scent, worth a visit!! Do yourself a favor and eat here! This place does not disappoint. I had the longganisa and hubby had the marinated skirt steak. Had the pleasure of meeting the owners. Excellent food and friendly staff. Wish they would open one up here in Dallas

A very nice place to eat. It’s cozy and comfortable. Mike is very nice and friendly guy.and the steak and eggs were awesom My first time ever having Filipino food and wow. I highly recommend you get the “Choose any two” meal and get both the longanisa and the tocino. For only $2 more you get so much more meat and trust me, you want more. Moreover, the garlic rice that they serve the dish with is to die for. If I could, I’d buy a whole tub to take home

Never had Filipino food, it’s a savory breakfast. The tocino was out of this world, and the garlic rice with eggs was awesome. Incredible portions for price point—would come again Worth the wait, though it took way longer than estimated to get seated (over an hour when the estimate was 30 minutes).

The breakfast was very very good, homey feeling with great savory flavor and well grilled meat. Every ingredient was quality and well treated and the pork was excellent (bangus was quite good as well). In my humble opinion it’s much better than Kasamas breakfast, which I found to be too sweet. That was not an issue here. Once inside the service was pretty good as well. A big pricey but where isn’t these days.

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