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Zeus Restaurant 2024 Amazing Restaurant

"Experience the Divine: Zeus Restaurant"

Zeus Restaurant Food always good! The cashier is always efficient and professional. The food is fresh and well seasoned. We always get a gyro combo, chicken pita or greek chicken salad. I just wish Romaine lettuce was an option for the salad instead if iceberg

Zeus Restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.4
  • pricing: $$
  • Zeus Restaurant phone number: +13122588789

Zeus Restaurant Chicago

Food was great. I got the chicken salad and it was great. The chicken breast plate is my favorite thing on the menu. The chicken breast is marinated perfectly and had a great charred grilled taste Varied menu witch in my family is important food was great except the beef sandwich could use some more juice the pita dinner was enough for two I love their fries! I love thay they use the flavorful oil for deep fried food. Next time I am going to try their spicy chicken sandwich. I am very excited about it. The gyro sandwich is also very generous

Menu Zeus Restaurant

Zeus Restaurant MenuMenu Zeus Restaurant


The food came out super fast like within 7 min of ordering it. The food was plentiful and tasty (just a little salty but I like low salt food in general so for others it might be just fine). The rice was a little mushy and I like less mush but some like it mushy but it was good. For $15 plus tax ($17 ish) you get a platter of chicken and gyro meat plus salad with excellent vinaigrette sauce w very fresh salad and a choice of rice or French fries. Parking on the street w meters. Quick bite and dine in no waiter service so in and out easy. Great staff!

Delicious food – I got a gyro plate, which for $12 (including tax) was HUGE – I eat a decent amount and it will easily last me two, if not three, meals. Like one of those styrofoam dinner containers jam packed with food, as in it couldn’t even close all the way. Good service, too – went around lunchtime on a Saturday and we had our food within 10 minutes. Nothing super fancy if you’re looking for really posh Greek food, but good-tasting, well-seasoned meat, fresh salad, and standard good fries.

Great spot for gyros! We ordered the chicken gyro combo, fish and chips, and pizza puff (we were feeling a little adventurous). Chicken was a bit salty but the gyros were lovely! The fried fish was SO CRISPY and the fries were alright (a little hard to chew but I still enjoy). We had so much food leftover because of the huge portion sizes which was added plus. Absolutely fantastic food, super generous portions. If you want fancy this is not your jam, but if you want quick great food for a reasonable price, look no further


This place is amazing. The gyros are delicious, and they give you so much meat for the price. Would highly recommend Zeus for a quick bite

Really good food everything was fresh the fries weren’t greasy. Chicken was seasoned very well on the chicken pita. very generous portions. Patty melt was cooked perfect. RC products something you don’t see much you have the option of regular RC diet or Cherry. Good food I left stuffed.

Reasonable prices and the staff was friendly. Alot of meat and very tasty but a bit too greasy. I didn’t know you have to ask to have the meat grilled otherwise it’s straight from the spick. I don’t like the fries at all. If they were to improve on their fries, I think they would earn another star from me. Also the sauce and pita are delicious and seems very fresh. I feel they are better than the corner joint

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